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Good morning all. I go for my EGD Sept.10 and will have my surgery the following day. Is there anything on the EGD, that they could find, where I might have to reschedule my surgery? Has anyone had to reschedule their surgery bc of this? Thanks.

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  1. nlee's Avatar
    I haven't had surgery yet but my surgeon does one during the gastric sleeve surgery to check and make sure there's no leaks in the stomach after suturing/stapling. I used to work in an Endoscopy office and some people would come in as part of a pre-op, it was to check the anatomy so the surgeon would be prepared for any obstacles.
  2. JuneyP's Avatar
    I haven't had the surgery but will have my EGD on the same day. My surgeon told me (I think?) that it's to check for reflux or damage to the esophagus. Best wishes with your surgery - mine will be in a few months. I will follow your progress if you post!