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  1. I got my girl out of the house!

    Meg had her surgery 3 years ago. She suffered very serious brain trauma 2 months later from excessive vomiting that caused a vitamin B1 deficiency. She was diagnosed with Wernicke's encephalopathy, and was on life support for a couple of months, hospital for 3 months, and left with permanent brain injury. She did get most of her vision back after going blind, but still has terrible nystagmus and no peripheral vision. She also cannot walk without a walker, and even with the walker the walking is ...
  2. 4 years out

    Hi, my name is Vida, I had the surgery 4 years ago. Ive started to gain weight,And am no longer a size 12.....I need some advise from my fellows slevers on how to get back on track. started at 315 lbs current weight is205. I felt good at 185. sounds like a high weight, but im not in this to look like a model,just better self esteem... all help is appreated.
  3. Skin issue

    I had the sleeve done this past August, since then my skin has become bumpy everywhere. I have red dots all over my skin, but mostly on my legs and arms. I have exfoliated, I have tried different lotions, nothing is helping. Has anyone else dealt with this?
  4. 3 days out, what did I do?

    From the moment I woke up to this very min I have been dry heaving or vomiting. I cant hold water down. Im worried about dehydration. Any advice?
  5. Hurry up and wait!

    So after a 3:45am wake up and an hour's drive to the airport I wound up having my flight cancel and get rescheduled. I'm sitting in the airport now waiting for my new flight to get me outta here so I can get this procedure done! I will admit my mind started racing thinking "should I take this as a sign that I shouldn't do this?" But no, I am certain of my decision. Unlike many on this site, I have just 50 pounds to lose. Never in my life have I thought of it as "just 50 lbs" ...