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  1. Hi everyone!!

    Wow it is so quiet on this forum!! I've been checking in and reading posts but haven't posted anything in a long time.
    I hope everyone is doing well. This coronavirus is no joke. I have heard of the "quarantine 15" where you gain 15lbs because your stuck home. That doesn't have to be the case. I know when I'm bored I tend to want to munch, so I try to keep busy. I paint/decorate bird houses, work in the garden etc. Now I'm a 3rd grade teacher too (my 9th grader doesn't need my help) ...
  2. pandemic & progress

    Hopefully everyone is staying safe & healthy during all this craziness. I'm considered an "essential employee" because we are feeding kids. I've worked everyday except the first day this all started. It's both good & bad-good that I still get a paycheck & bad because I'm being exposed to the public. As soon as I get home I take off my uniform & wash my hands & face before I even talk to my family. I & my little one dearly miss my mom & my brother & his ...
  3. Bypass after sleeve

    Has anyone had the bypass after a sleeve? I'm curious what the long-term results have been.
  4. growing pains & mom worries

    so the last time I checked in I was about to start my new position at a different school & so far so good! My oldest asked me to drive him to meet this girl he's been talking to for awhile to Tanger outlets. So we & the baby drove over an hour to meet up w/ this girl & her mom. They take off & her mom & I are trying to make small talk & our info is not adding up. So I start to get suspicious & start texting my son. He ignores the texts & calls so I look on the life ...
  5. 2020 changes

    well the follow up w/ the ortho was eventful. He gave me 2 injections-1 cortisone behind my shoulder & a different injection straight into the pocket of the calcific tendinitis. It hurt like hell! Felt like it went into the bone, but so far my constant pain has eased quite a bit Thankfully!!! Also, I got a "promotion"at work-its only 2.5 hrs/wk more but more responsibility & at an elementary/middle school. My husband was NOT happy when I told him about it because I didn't bid on ...