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  1. love clothes shopping!

    HI! I just felt I had to chat about clothes shopping. In my younger years and when I was very thin ( anorexic) I loved to clothes shop. However for the past 17 years while I have been obese and constantly gaining weight, I hated clothes shopping. I would cry whenever I went into the fitting rooms and saw my reflection and the size clothes and that nothing looked nice on. Now its a different story, although I am not at my goal weight, I have been shopping and loving it again. I am trying to buy clothes ...
  2. 31 months, 3 weeks post op arm lift and removal of fatty tumors

    Hello friends!

    Those past weeks have been I've been focusing in trying to recover. It was unfortunate that we had several heat waves, at some point my scars didn't heal the way it should have and the nurse who came home decided to delay the removal of staples/stitches.
    It's all gone since Wednesday now and it did help a lot with mobility.But unfortunately we can see know that I did develop 2 "dog ears" and time will say if it will go away or if the surgeon will need ...
  3. Inspire Diet

    Has anyone done the Inspire diet Support Group? Wondering if I used my own Nectar/Syntrax shakes if it would work just fine?

    Thanks and hope everyone is having an excellent Sunday!
  4. Happy!

    Hi fellow sleevers! I had my 2 week post op follow up today! I have lost 11 lbs since surgery making it a total 24 lbs! I am totally over the moon with my progress so far! Ready to be healthy and say good bye to several health issues that have been prohibiting me from enjoying life to the fullest! I start my soft foods diet next week and I am ready to move on to the next phase. To new beginnings everyone!!
  5. Getting back on track

    Since getting back on track I lost 3.2lbs.

    I went for my annual check-up. I am happy to report that my AC1 and sugar levels still in normal ranges. My albumin/protein and most vitamin levels excellent. The only concern is my iron levels which are even lower than last year. My doctor has recommended that I do an iron iv drip since I am not absorbing iron.

    I have a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound today. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully itís ...