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9 weeks today and figured out my perfect food

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I'm so excited. I'm 9 weeks today and still have a little difficulty eating and not get that uncomfortable feeling but found Sushi Rolls to be amazing. It is very flavorful and full of protein and easy to eat. It's great that one roll will last a couple or more meals. It is my saving grace right now. It feels me up for hours and tastes great.

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  1. MamaPope77's Avatar
    That is great news! I have been wanting to try sushi but I was concerned with the rice. Thank you.
  2. wydols's Avatar
    The first time I tried it 3-4 weeks out I only ate the inside of the roll not the rice or seaweed but it was still delish. But now I can eat the whole roll with no problems since there really is very little rice on it. It's been a blessing because I was getting very lethargic from not eating quite enough Now I actually feel like I have eaten and am full rather than uncomfortable for half an hour after only 3-4 bites of food.
  3. Damasyn's Avatar
    Good to hear ! I love california rolls and have wanted to try REAL sushi, so this might be a good way to get started
  4. idigfrstbase's Avatar
    I tried steamed vegetable and tofu gzoya or something like that. They were completely awesome!
  5. Melkng's Avatar
    I'm curious, are you eating sashimi? I am in my third week. I would love to have a sashimi roll!!
  6. wydols's Avatar
    My preference is not true sushi. About the only true raw fish is Spicy Tuna but a place here has 007 which is a California Roll with shrimp and avocado on top and Sexy Girl which is tempura shrimp with jalapenos and the typical roll stuff like cream cheese lol. I'm kind of new to sushi only been eating it about 2 years and haven't tried any of the "hard core" raw fish.
  7. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    You can also make it at home and "roll your own" (sushi that is).
    It's easy, it just takes a little time and some prep work.

    I wouldn't recommend using raw fish from the supermarket, but those imitation crab or lobster (Pollock and other white fish + crab or lobster flavoring) or cooked shrimp. If you are vegan, use avocado and other veggies.
  8. apythia's Avatar
    I love sushi! I haven't tried it with rice and seaweed yet. Thankfully my fav place has rice-free/seaweed free rolls in rice paper, red bean paper or soy paper. I don't have a problem with those. My fav is a soy paper wrapped white fish with cream cheese and avocado. It has 8 pieces and I can only eat 3 but I love it! The texture feels so much like a guilty pleasure.