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Hello 230s!

  1. soleil
    This morning I weighed myself and said goodbye to the 250s and 240s! Feeling more and more like myself and so happy that I made this decision to change my life. June 4 is my new birthday! :-)
  2. Scoobie61
    Happy belated new birthday! My new birthday is Feb 12th 2013...enjoy the ride..
  3. skinny2be
    Congratulations on your great success!!! I have finally joined the "one der land" crowd this past week!!!! 196 for me!! My sleeve was done on May 22nd
  4. Divalafrance99
  5. vickybeads
    Wow! Congrats to all! Had my first "what, my weight went up!" week last week. However, the drop the week before was from not eating at all until late in the afternoon, because we were working in the yard and all I had was water. Don't do that! I felt like schtockel that Sunday and even though the scale looked great on Monday (a 3.4 lb loss), the following Monday I had a 1.4 lb gain! . Got back on my regular eating schedule and heading back down again.
  6. PsychoGS
    Only 1/2 pound away from 230s and stalling. Ugh! Any day now...
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