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The Roller Coaster Ride

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My mind is constantly thinking about my surgery. I wake up and think about how Iíll eventually eat breakfast and how I will dress when Iím healthier and thinner. I sit in my car and wonder how my legs will look sitting in the driver seat. I drink my coffee and think what it will be like when I canít drink caffeine. I worry if Iíll have complications and not be able to work. When Iím not busy at work Iíll think about what I need to do to be ready for my surgery and what I need to get and check FB pages and forums to see what people are writing. I read the scary things and the inspirational stories and I pray that I donít have a lot of issues. No matter what I always come back to how I am so tired of not living truly happy with my health. Iím tired of feeling insecure and hiding behind smiles. I plan on doing everything told and follow all instructions. Iím going to Mexico and Iím afraid that I wonít have a local doctor to follow up with. This surgery would not be happening if it was not for Mexico. I have heard the bad stories but, there are bad stories in the USA too. My husband is amazing. While he is scared and not totally on board because he wishes I would exercise and diet. Iíve been doing that for my whole life and he understands and is paying for my surgery. We talk about the process and what we hope is a success and it makes it easier. Iím having surgery on Dec 4, what the heck was I thinking??? The stress is real. I start my preop diet Nov 7! I definitely was not thinking hahaha. Right now Iím focusing on eliminating things that I should not have after surgery sugary things, Diet Coke, coffee and eating smaller quantities. I look through magazines at clothes Iíve never been able to wear and hope for success in the future. So..if you see me around say Hi..

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  1. Grammy2s&c's Avatar
    I totally think about this surgery non-stop. So many emotions are going through me head and I want to be ultra prepared. My surgery will be sometime January. I wish you the best of luck and I bet you we both will not regret having this surgery!
  2. Katrina's Avatar
    You can have caffeine again. I know lots of (successful) people on this site drink coffee, even use their protein shake as creamer for their coffee. I actually gave up coffee because my protein shake satisfies that urge. It is monster muscle energy protein shake, and it has plenty of caffeine in it. I'm addicted. In fact, not only can you have caffeine, you can have anything you want in moderation after your initial healing time.

    I understand your constant thinking, wondering, and worrying. I'm one that has experienced and posted the horror stories of what can go wrong. Oddly enough, after all I've been through and especially what my daughter suffered, I still think this is a pretty great surgery. I'm also all for Mexico. We had our surgeries right here in the good ol USA, and still had complications. You're right, that can happen anywhere. I've seen tons of people on here go to Mexico and have safe, successful outcomes.

    December 4th is my sister's birthday. She died 9 years ago. I'll be doing Jagermeister shots (yuck!) that day as I do every year on her birthday. You'll be having surgery. I'll be getting drunk on nasty Jager. It'll be a great day ;-) You've got this, just stay vigilant on taking care of yourself.
  3. Ann2's Avatar
  4. MerrittGirlFL's Avatar
    It’s nice to know that others are feeling the same way!
  5. Dradra336's Avatar
    I feel like I could have written your post myself! My surgery is on December 6th, I would love to continue to follow your story!! = ) Thank you for posting this, it made me feel a million times better to know I'm not alone!
  6. MerrittGirlFL's Avatar
    It's really hard to go through something so big in my life and feel like I can't talk about it with many people because everyone has their judgments. Or to be honest it's really only important and interesting to me!! LOL I feel like I am always looking for information or ideas. I want to be prepared and know what to expect and maybe that's why I think about it so much.

    Dradra336- I'd love to keep in touch. I accepted your friend request.
  7. KiwiGal's Avatar
    It does take a bit to get your head around all of this. Look at all the happy successful people on this forum. We all have similar stories to yours - dieting forever and losing but not being able to maintain the loses. Now we have a great tool to help us do it - and it works!
    There is a lot of support here so ask any questions or just share your feelings. I can 100% guarantee that there will be someone who has felt/feels that same way.
  8. azladyrider's Avatar
    I bought decaf for when I got back home from Mexico. First morning home took one sip and bleh and immediately made a regular cup of coffee.