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My journey (down 56 pounds in 4 weeks!)

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Im almost 4 weeks post op and I am loving this! The liquid diet pre and post op were tough but i made it through and I think it was very important for not only my physical health but also my mental. Ive been following my doctors plan and have been able to quit smoking as well! I peaked on the scale at 377 and this morning I was at 321. Not bad for around 4 weeks post op I am at stage 3 (soft foods) and I'm in a routine where I eat almost the same thing each day. Ill start with either 2 eggs scrambled or a pack of oatmeal. Then lots of water. A protein shake. Then lunch is either chicken or fish or turkey burger. Lots more water and a protein shake if still hungry. For dinner mostly fish unless i had it for lunch then another source of protein. I've also been weighing myself daily as well as going to the gym very often and doing the treadmill or playing basketball. Almost time for weights. I'm excited to keep this journey going and glad I found this community.

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  1. Dawnislas's Avatar
    Sounds like you are doing very well.
  2. Toney1996's Avatar
    Awesome job! I didn't know you can play basketball 4 weeks post op..
  3. plo726's Avatar
    @dawnislas Thanks!
  4. plo726's Avatar
    @Toney1996 Im just shooting around nothing too intense yet
  5. Victoryismine's Avatar
    I'm so happy for you!
  6. poodlecamper's Avatar
    Congratulations and you're doing great!