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26 Days to go

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So, Ive got my date and just playing the waiting game.
It doesn't feel likes it actually gonna happen as yet. I've not been to the hospital again since my original meeting with the surgeon. So just wondering when or if I'll get called in again? Do they takes bloods etc before hand? Feel like I've done so much reading and research and still I know nothing!
I can't get my head round the amounts of things after the operation. Im hoping it all will just fall into place as I know everyone must be able to cope with their own amounts.
I feel anxious but excited to get started.
How did everyone cope with the pre-op diet? Ok, struggled? Im just wondering if anyone had a mad blow out before the 2 weeks prior? I just feel like it shouldn't be seen as the last supper more a change in lifestyle and a blow out isn't appropriate. ha!
Well enough for now.
Take care fellow sleevers

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  1. Khristine's Avatar
    I had my surgery 3 weeks ago today. If I could have done anything it would have been to read this book I just foundů.THE EMOTIONAL FIRST AID KIT. I would have been great to be working on my brain while I was on my pre op diet! That part can never start too soon! Already, I am scared that I may gain my weight back or not continuing losing because of falling into my old habits! Hopefully, I am scared enough that I will not! Remember, the surgeon can fix your stomach, but only you can fix your head! Good luck!
  2. KayGee88's Avatar
    So true. Think I need to read that book too. Reading another book now that says you need to get your emotional eating (binges) under control before surgery. Guess I thought most of us were like this & that's why we are here getting fixed.