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Extra skin

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Does exercise help with the extra skin? Mine is not bad because I have only lost 52 pounds. But if I could encourage it to tighten a little that would be great. My other problem is my age: 60.

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  1. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    This might sound kooky, but I was reading about infrared light therapy for the skin, etc. I can't vouch for it, but saw it online. I'm 63 and also concerned.
  2. Little Verbena's Avatar
    I am 50 and after losing 64 pounds I have extra skin. I expected it on belly and even my upper arms, but I didn't really think about on my upper thighs and neck. I will say that after the last couple of months, either I am getting used to seeing it or it is getting tighter. I am not sure which. I am still planning on having everything lifted but for now, I think it does get better.
  3. sociologist's Avatar
    Im 57 and I have excess skin...everywhers and Im only down 51 pounds. The worst part for me is where my chinsssss used to be. Now theres a gobbler than hangs about 2". Cant wait to get that thing cut off:-) I could take off and fly from the top of the Empire State building with ths extra skin under my arms. I always wear long or 3/4 sleeves because bat wings belong on bats! My stomach is sagging as well. I had a tummy tuck over 20 yrs ago which is making it not look as bad as I know it could. I dont really care though...I am happy being down 51 pounds, saggy skin and all:-)
  4. janetm's Avatar
    I'm down 72 lbs ... my arms have batwings, my tummy sags and my butt feels like playdough - lol. I expected this as I am 61. My goal is to look good IN my clothes and to avoid mirrors on my way into the shower.

    I simply won't have the money for plastic surgery and to tell you the truth, I am in no rush to have any kind of surgery for quite awhile!
  5. Mich-D's Avatar
    In the past, I had to do PUVA light therapy for psoriasis and it did improve skin elasticity. However, it will not shrink or firm up large amounts of excess skin.
  6. Garystevanus's Avatar
    Remember that your skin is a growing organ. It will expand and contract (to some extent) on its own. Remember to eat your protein, stay hydrated, and use some kind of lotion/moisturizer. It may not totally shrink to where you want it to be, but it will shrink to some extent over time.

    I have some hanging/sagging skin on my tricep area and belly. Will I go to the beach or pool without a shirt on? No. Would I have done that before my surgery and weight loss? Hell No!!

    Would I change the results of my surgery/weight loss journey? No way in hell!!!! The health benefits of my lifestyle change more than outweigh having to deal with some extra skin!!!

    Good Luck!