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  1. Gee thanks! I've only weighed below 180 once in my whole life and that was in my first semester of college, when I was drinking a lot of booze and not eating! lol I was at that wt for just a minute, though. If I can get to 180, I'll be a happy camper!
  2. Hi pam, you asked me in my post what my diet was for the 1st 7 months. Well, it wasn't much of a diet
    I never could do the regular protien shake so I made my own consisting of 24 oz milk, 2 packs of carnation instant breakfast and 1 pack of unjury unflavored protien powder. I think it was 45 or 50g took all day to drink. I ate cheese stics, yogurt (activia) chicken, rolled up ham and cheese no bread. I feel like that's it. Not a whole lot of variety. I also would have a few bites of pizza if we ordered it, I didn't really deprive myself...if I wanted something I would have a bite or two, most times I would be kind of disappointed because the food wasnt as good as I remembered. really had no appetite and eating was a chore. Sometimes it still is. I have a lot of restriction still.
    I see you ticker and you are doing great. I feel like you will surpass your goal before your one year surgiversary.
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