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  1. I don't know what I did but part of my message got deleted in the middle. I was saying you can get the individual serving packets for buy canisters which have about 17 servings and is less expensive that way.
  2. You have to order it online at Unjury.com It is the highest quality Whey isolate protein and doesn't have any vitamins added to it so it doesn't have the nasty vitamin taste. They have a sample pack that includes 2 individual serving envelopes of each flavor. You can buy individual serving to up the protein in so you don't have to drink as many shakes. Shakes get old after a while. The only think is watch the temp of the liquid you put it in because if it is to hot the protein get a funny texture, so cook your soup and let it cool some before adding the protein. I drink a cup of the chicken flavor about every day instead of a shake, and being warm it feels good.
  3. Awesome thanks for the idea... I love homemade veg soup... You think I could mix in there? Also where do I buy that brand from?
  4. You were asking about getting protein in. So here is my 2 cents. I bought Unjury protein powders. Both the chicken flavored and the unflavored. I make a lot of homemade soups and use the chicken flavor instead of stock 21 gram protein per scoop makes 1 cup. Just add some canned chicken and soft cooked vegies. Feels good on my tummy. You could do the same with beef broth and the unflavored protein. It's good enough you could make a big pot and serve to the whole family. Hope you are doing well.
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