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  1. HI Wanda, Good luck with your journey . I am in the UK and will be having the surgery here. I do see a dietitian but i don't think i have to go to nutrition classes like they do in the States. I hope you find a buddy to travel with. I am happy to share any information the dietitian gives me with you.
  2. Hi Ellie, I'm having surgery in June. Looking for a travel buddy if not I will be going solo. (Going to Mexico for my procedure) Good luck! Share some of the basic info with me from nutrition class. That's not required in Mexico. I'm going to see if I can find an independent class.
  3. HI Wanda, I am good thanks and you? I am about 5 weeks away from surgery. I will e seeing the dietitians in March and having bloods done then. I have been trying to cut back on portion size now, not always successfully. I am still nervous and excited at the same time and on some days my anxiety and a panic set in about surgery, but I will get through it. How are you doing and when are you having your surgery if you haven't had it already?
  4. Hey how are you doing? How many weeks away are you know?
  5. Hi I'm new too and have some concerns. I know a couple of people personally who are having success not without some issues to work through but for myself I believe it will be worth it. I'm also responding because I just want you to know you are being heard. Keep reaching out on here. You will find inspiration and support from people who have completed the process and maintaining their weightloss. Best wishes!
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