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  1. feeling good! :)

    Well, i have now been home for just over a week and am still a bit jet lagged. However so many people have said to me that I have lost allot more weight and am wasting away, lol. The thing is I only lost around 2kg, probably not even that. My personal trainer also said i look slimmer and more toned. All i can do is say thanks and laugh because I don't think I look that much slimmer and the scale doesn't indicate it. In fact I am eating more than before, as I seem to be hungry all the time since ...
  2. which scale do I follow?

    Today I weighed myself at the gym on a scale that I have weighed myself on before and normally it is 1kg less than my scale at home, but today it was 4kg less. When I looked at the numbers on the scale I thought something was wrong, it said 68kg. I think I like that number better than my scale at home, lol. The last time I weighed 68kg must be around 20 years ago. I will probably still go by home scale, but boy its nice to see the numbers go down and realize I haven't got too far to go until my ...
  3. love clothes shopping!

    HI! I just felt I had to chat about clothes shopping. In my younger years and when I was very thin ( anorexic) I loved to clothes shop. However for the past 17 years while I have been obese and constantly gaining weight, I hated clothes shopping. I would cry whenever I went into the fitting rooms and saw my reflection and the size clothes and that nothing looked nice on. Now its a different story, although I am not at my goal weight, I have been shopping and loving it again. I am trying to buy clothes ...
  4. personal training

    Toady I had my 3rd PT session and loved it. My PT is a great guy and really pushes me. He has worked out very quickly that I can actually push quite heavy weights and am quite strong, just not too fit and very stiff. I am struggling with what to eat to keep my energy levels up during the hour of weight training. Today I had one scrambled egg for breakfast and would not have been able to eat anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions? If I had the money I would have a PT everyday, lol. The ...
  5. over weight

    I am officially no longer obese! My BMI now puts me in the over weight category. Now the next step getting into the healthy range. I think the last time I weighed this was around 15 years ago.
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