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  1. Officially reached the Century Club

    On September 29th I stepped onto the scale and weighed in at 117.7 pounds. Because I weighed a little less than 218 pounds on the day I was sleeved 17+ months ago, I have officially lost 100 pounds since the surgery. Therefore, I have officially reached the 'Century Club.'

    I was 225.5 pounds approximately one week prior to the surgery, but lost 7.5 pounds on the pre-op diet of protein shakes and salads.

    I hope to lose a few more pounds in order to have a bounce range ...
  2. Very sore calves!

    On Tuesday afternoon, I did 45 minutes of step aerobics at home on a stepping platform before going to work. I deliberately chose that timing for a couple of specific reasons:

    1. My calves usually become too sore too walk about 24 hours after I've done step aerobics or stair-climbing for the first time in a very long time. This is due to delayed onset muscle soreness (abbreviated D.O.M.S.).

    2. If I exercised right before going to work, I would not feel the soreness ...
  3. A good Monday...I cannot complain

    I started exercising a couple of days ago, on Saturday July 25th. I managed to power-walk for approximately one hour at Foster Park and Overton Park. Well, the delayed onset muscle soreness (abbreviated D.O.M.S.) struck me like a baseball bat on Sunday afternoon because it felt as if I was carrying a 50-pound weight on my sore butt every time I walked.

    Therefore, I didn't exercise on Sunday. I used Sunday as a rest day, and every healthy exercise regimen should incorporate rest days. ...
  4. Three months out... An update

    I'm a little more than three months out. While I am pleased I've lost a total of 41 pounds (34 pounds after the sleeve), I am somewhat disappointed I only lost 6 pounds in the past month. However, I figured I would be a slower loser than many other people due to my metabolic issues. I've got hypothyroidism and insulin resistance. Also, my metabolism is beat down due to decades of yo-yo dieting.

    I admit I haven't really exercised since being sleeved. This is because I've got chronic ...