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Thread: Vsg 8/1/23

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    Default Vsg 8/1/23

    Hey ya'll!

    newbie here...to this page and to the surgery. I'm 2.5 months in...and feel like I"ve lost my energy levels! Anyone else? Working out has become quite a chore, and honestly, I haven't gone to the gym in probably 2 weeks. I'm fighting to just get up and get movement in on the daily. I manage. Just managed to break a 11 day stall, those are fun. But otherwise, I'm doing really well. Curious as to how everyone else around this same length post op is doing. Or if anyone has any recommendations moving forward. Ya'll take care....and dont forget your vitamins, water, and protein!!!


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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Vsg 8/1/23

    I had my surgery a while ago, but I was also tired at around your stage. Remember that your body is *still* healing and be kind to yourself Your energy will return. And it sounds like you're doing great if you are moving regularly!

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