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    Default Getting started on this journey

    Hi everyone! I started around 352 (5 foot 5 1/2) and that was my rock bottom. I had gained the last 50 pounds or so due to heavy prednisone use due to an autoinflammatory disease. I was able to wean off the prednisone and over about a year gradually lost the weight and decided I needed the help and accountability of surgery. Started at 313 on my first consult with the surgeon and am currently 295. My surgery will be sometime in August. My tentative goal is 182 as I will be overweight, not obese and that is what I weighed in high school. I was cautioned not to aim too low and I am thinking even that will be challenging because I have never been under 200 in my adult life. I am motivated, though. The exercise part is slow in coming but trying. Glad I found this forum as I believe support from like-minded individuals is really key to anything.

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    Default Re: Getting started on this journey

    Glad to hear you're motivated!

    That's always a good start. Just remember the day you started making a change so your weight loss journey would be consistent.

    If I have one thing to share about cheat days, I do it by eating the kind of foods I don't normally eat, but in small amounts. This is really effective for me. I hope you find what's effective for you.

    Have a safe procedure and smooth recovery. Good luck to your journey! I hope we get updates from you.


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