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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Wagon too small and I have fallen off

    Hi everyone,

    Had my sleeve surgery in 2018, and did great. I was down from 352 to 201 and then Covid hit and everything stopped.
    I've creeped up again to 262, (weighed this morning) and I realize that I need to get back on the wagon, and lose the regain.
    If I get back down to 200, I would be deliriously happy, but more than that enjoying getting back off HBP meds, and pain free joints, knees, ankles and back.

    Hoping to have some response here, and comraderies with fellow folks that are in the same boat (wagon) and we can beat obesity together.
    There are no bariatric support groups locally that I can attend.

    Thank you!

  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Wagon too small and I have fallen off

    You’re not alone.
    I too am feeling depressed angry with myself frustrated, embarrassed, failure.
    I don’t eat a meal, I gag on salad, I nibble because I dont get reflux when I graze.
    Haven’t been losing anything, doing this. I tried shakes again, didn’t work.
    So disappointed in myself.
    I thought having this traumatic operation would be a life changer but no medical help was given afterwards.
    It was like, okay, you’ve had the op, you can’t eat a lot, you’ll lose the weight, you’re on your way.
    The psychological aspect is still there.
    There was a reason for putting weight on in the first place.
    That reason hasn’t gone. Sure you don’t think about your problems whilst you’re recovering from surgery and getting used to your new eating regime.
    Time goes on, however and again bad habits, problems, life, stress etc. all comes back to haunt you.
    I’m not coping and who can I talk to?
    My doctor is sending me back to counseling. I’ve been there done that, I know what’s wrong. I hate talking to people about my life, over and over again.
    I know things aren’t right!
    I just want to lose weight, look and feel good about myself and be proud.
    I can’t have tummy tuck because my bmi is too high, so doc won’t even see me.
    Long post but I’m feeling good expressing my feelings here.
    I’ll check recipe and diet section later in the day.
    I had my op 2017, so I really should be down to my goal weight but have 20kgs to go.

    Highest weight 247lbs (112kgs)
    1 month. - 224.5lbs (22.5lbs)
    2 month. -211lbs (13lbs)
    3 month - 205lbs (6lbs)
    4 month - 199lbs (6lbs)
    5 month - 194lbs (5lbs)
    6 month- 187lbs (7lbs) 58.5lb loss (26kgs)

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    Default Re: Wagon too small and I have fallen off

    Best wishes for your journey.

    I'm used to depriving myself, but recently, I feel no amour to food at all.
    I think these TikTok videos about food may have desensitized me already.

    I am suffering from a loss of appetite. I envy those who still have theirs.
    Still, I remember how it felt back then, and I acknowledge that it was another kind of struggle.

    Best of luck to you and I hope it goes well with all kinds of diet dilemmas out there.


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