I知 writing this from Treaty 7 territory in Canada, watching the snow fall heavily as I wrangle with the emotions from having my surgery scheduled today.

I have been on the list with Alberta Health for awhile, but the wait time is 7 years. I spoke with one of my friends who had their surgery done with Dr Almanza, and made the decision to invest in myself as a Christmas gift.

On 18 January 2023, I知 going to be having an OAGB (Mini Gastric Bypass) done. I知 looking forward to my new lease on life, but I知 scared because I致e never had internal surgery.

I知 currently 325lbs, my highest was 350lbs, and my lowest was 250lbs on keto. The only comorbidity I have is hypertension, though I can easily connect my depression to my body as well.

Anyone else having their surgery done on the 18th of January that want to be mutual support buddies, I知 open.

Thank you all for sharing your stories, it made it easier to make the decision.