Hello all, I had my gastric sleeve over 12 years ago & want to go to Mexico to revise it,
I am trying to find out how legit it is over in Mexico, but the weird thing is, there isn't really any current posts on this.
I am looking at Mexico Bariatric center, with Dr. Ismael Cabrera Garcia, the weird thing is, I cant find any information on anyone currently
I have a lower BMI so it makes it hard to find anyone to revise my surgery, I was given two options for surgeons, Dr. Ismael Cabrera Garcia or Dr. Osuna, neither one I can find with licenses on https://conacem.org.mx/ but I can find other surgeons on the site.

I just find it weird that if you look in to Mecio Bariatric center, or any other websites, it seems the information & discussion about them really stop a few years back. Why is this? is there anyone who went recently? I am ready to go like in a week or less I want it done so bad, but then I saw online there was some lawsuit about a dr. Almanza who. cut peoples spleen & intensities & is being sued, that was another dr I found through weight loss agents.
I am just curious why there isn't much conversation on these places anymore, & why the only two doctors who will take a lower BMI patient I cant find licenses on, obviously that must be my sign.
thanks for any & all help