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    Default Gastric Sleeve Adjustment/Tightening?

    If weight gain gradually occurs in, say, the five years post gastric sleeve surgery, can the gastric sleeve be adjusted/tightened/revised?

    If so, is the adjusting/tightening/revising as significant as the initial procedure in terms of:Cost? Duration of time of procedure?Duration of time of hospital stay/recovery time?Or, is the adjustment/tightening/revising not as intensive as the initial procedure?Also, how often can a gastric sleeve be adjusted/tightened/revised?

    Is there a limit in the number of times a gastric sleeve can be adjusted/tightened/revised?

    What type of doctor performs gastric sleeve adjusting/tightening/revising procedure?

    Is a gastric sleeve adjustment typically covered, in part, by insurance?

  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    Default Re: Gastric Sleeve Adjustment/Tightening?

    Never thought about changing the size of the gastric sleeve, but would like to keep an eye on this track going forward. I hope you get an answer to this. I too have a problem with being overweight.


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