I am going to Tijuana to have the gastric sleeve though Renew Bariatric. I canít decide between Dr. Jorge Green, Dr. Rene Armenta, Dr. Hector Perez, Dr. Antonio Cueva. These four doctors can be found on the Renew Bariatrics website.I originally planned for Dr. Green but due to a miscommunication/scheduling error he canít do the surgery on the day I planned but could do it a few days later. However, to rearrange my flights, lodging, travel plans is very complicated due to a family reunion I will be attending right before the surgery. I will change my plans, if have to but would prefer not to. I have choice of the other doctors. But I canít decide please help me rank them in order 1-4 with who you think is the best. I have Addisonís disease which adds a bit of complications to any surgery. Any experience, thoughts, complaints, reviews or advice would be very welcome.
Thank you for your time and help,