I'm 7 1/2 years past surgery. Went from 370 lbs to 185. Size 54 pants to size 31. XXXL underwear to size medium. Got a checkup at VA last week, nurse said "I don't know how a 54 year old guy gets blood work this good". I eat anything I want, whenever I want. I do take a multivitamin daily.

It took a year and a half to get the weight off, about 10 lbs a month. Ever since the surgery my businesses have been growing at breakneck speed, so I just don't have time to get to the gym, and a metal rod in my lower leg means running is not an option.

Biggest issue is I still have a "I'm fat" mentality, yet people call me slim. 47 years of being fat has a long lasting impression on how we see ourselves.

I went to Dr Houston in Nashville, to a center of excellence, and paid for the procedure out of pocket. He made me stay in the hospital 3 days, just in case. The day I was discharged I went to work.

My receptionist had the surgery at a local hospital in Paducah 3 years ago. She has lost no weight. My other receptionist will have the surgery at the same hospital next week.

Hope that helps someone sitting on the fence. I'm personally scared of going to Mexico for the surgery. I know that is a much lower cost option. But in my opinion, regardless if I could pay for it or not, I would borrow the money and go to a center of excellence. I know others have differing opinions, and I respect those. My opinion is right for me, others opinions are likely right for them.