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    Default Hair Loss and Chronic Diseases

    My hair is all cracking off now in late 40's (female) after having several years of hair loss escalate into overdrive. I am losing all my hair and my skin has felt thinned and developed more sensitivities as well. I first lost 1/3 of my hair a few years ago, it progressed to 1/2 my hair, and now what's left is brittle and cracking off in layers of the shaft. I see so many doctors and specialists (prediabetes escalating into full, Hashimoto's hypothyroid, roseacea, allergies, skin sensitivity syndrome, overweight and cognitive and mood issues).

    I'm not sure if I absorb nutrients well.

    I did have low B 12, vit D and iron at various points but supposedly supplementation has me in the right range.

    I discovered my ferritin at 32.6 supposedly "normal" is possibly lower than the amount you need to grow hair. People are claiming you'll lose hair under 40 ferritin and to regrow possibly need to be up to 80.

    How do you get ferritin up quickly and safely?

    How do I find the right supplementation and nutrition plan?

    I cannot do keto (blew out thyroid, regained my lost weight, lost hair, it stressed my body). I am not going to go vegan, or high carb or even vegetarian. I can only eat a balanced diet (veggies, moderate protein, moderate carbs, healthy fat with the occasional treat).

    I really need to use my insurance to keep the expenses manageable but my endocrinologist said "Google diet plans" and I have no one person that can coordinate my health issues.

    I've taken a pause in the weight loss as I try to find out how to get my hair to regrow and start getting my health on track.

    This site has been a Godsend, showing me so much about the nutrients in my food and caloric intake for the day.

    I'm in the USA. How can I find an expert or primary care doctor that can coordinate all this to help me quickly get the nutrients I need and measure internal improvement.

    I understand you lose hair when your body has to hoard nutrients to save your organs. I am clearly in crisis mode and for about 5 years of seeing doctors about all this I have only gotten worse.

  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    Default Re: Hair Loss and Chronic Diseases

    If you need a diet plan, you can try a nutritionist that will evaluate your eating habits and help you find a healthy nutrition program.


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