Hi everyone thanks for your advice and help!

I have been recommended to do gastric sleeve as my BMI has been higher Being an ex college soccer player with a lot of muscle bow turned into fat post 3 kiddos (I’m 41)But I’m hesitant and nervous it may change my normal life and marriage. But I know it’s the healthiest thing for me to lose weight but I struggle and just really love food and wine and haven’t been able to lose what I’ve wanted or yo-yo when I do lose weight.
My husband and I love to enjoy good food and good wine/ beer together as a couple and I don’t want to lose that part of our relationship if I get this surgery. Can I still drink? Etc, eat a yummy filet mignon etc.
My BMI is about 38 I think. I’m 5’5” and 228 lbs.

I’d love to hear personal experiences and any advice positive or negative