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    Default Disaster home renovations with two contractors!

    Iím in such a mess I donít know what to do. Sorry this is lengthy. And Iím having problems with pictures loading. A lot going on. First, my home is a 1400 sq ft rambler. 2 bd- 2 bath. So...here comes the judge! I called in when Jeff had a talk show for the people of Texas. Iím going through a nightmare! I asked what happens when your roof sheathing gets really wet? Well Iíll tell you. I have a home renovation loan through the City. I had a contractor who has a ďpartnerĒ who was to do the roof. He started by removing the shingles and was replacing my ďrottedĒ roof sheathing with ďinterior birchĒ! I caught it right away! Then he was caught in lies. This is in January in Washington a state in down pours. He had put some kind of underlayment down which was flapping in the rain and wind. Second contractors came in, ripped off the underlayment and out new down to dry out the roof. Wrong! It too was flapping in the breeze in wind and rain! They gave me a dehumidifier and roofed a couple days later with my roof soaking wet. My attic was wet my insulation was wet, my walls and ceilings are wet, my light switches shorted out. The inside of my garage had water coming down the entire wall over light switches and dripping on my new table saw rusting it out! I bought a moisture meter and had to rip sheetrock off my walls especially above windows before mold appeared, which it smelled musty. All insulation had to come out but before it was thoroughly dried and all the drywall was replaced they replaced it! Because itís a City loan I had nothing to say! I documented everything. Now no one answers me. I call and nothing back. So I have a lawyer. I called about permits. They said to talk to the contractor. They also put in a furnace, $9700!!! And had another company come fix it to code. Now itís leaking. No permit for insulation. My ceiling looks like waves! The more they donít answer the more Iím finding out.
    Before you hire a contractor go to your State Labor and Industry and check everyone out thoroughly! I know permits are a pain but so important. Check your codes! They changed this year! I had the electrical and hot water inspected which passed but my vent on the roof is duct taped together. The roofers broke it and wonít do anything about it. I want to just go buy I property and live in a camper!

    My fathers advice - if you want something done do it yourself! I had my good friend - which I couldnít use because the ďCity only has certain contractors you can useĒ, came to my home. I was looking for an estimate. He said no way! Two contractors already going horrible job. Roof, insulation, ceiling, sheetrock would have to come down and start from scratch! Yes, I have a headache! Part of me doesnít want anyone else to touch my home. Just go away! Iíll do it myself! But this is a big project! I guess Iíll have to see what happens legally.

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    Default Re: Disaster home renovations with two contractors!

    I'm so sorry for everything that happened to you. I can completely understand your struggle, but I think all those who haven't done the job correctly should respond to the actions. Just think of your situation and imagine that more other people will have the same experience. It means money lost, time lost, and nerves lost. You can try to contact a lawyer and ask for a piece of advice. Also, multiple platforms can give you advice online to avoid losing any time. I usually contact ucmjdefense.com, they are great, and there is always someone online that can give me advice every hour.


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