Hello, my name is Natalie.

I am currently 237 pounds, down 21 pounds from where I maxxed out at 258.

I've been on my bariatric diet almost 5 months. I am in the process of acquiring the clearances I need for surgery, a gastric sleeve, if all goes well.

Getting a little nervous. I go for my EGD on Dec. 3rd. The surgeon I originally had been assigned, the one whom I had met and developed a rapport with, left the facility abruptly and now I am to meet a new surgeon on November 30th.

I so full of questions and concerns for those who have had the proceedure done.

Just needing a space to gather information from others who have had the experience.

I am a mother of two grown daughters. I tutor online and occasionally work as a private chef. I enjoy art, writing, poetry and cooking and eating!

I want to change my life and get healthy. I have been walking and exercising, trying to find ways to keep my activity level up despite having plantar fasciitis, which makes daily activities often very painful.

Here to learn and grow in knowledge and understanding!