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Thread: 1099 Filing

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    Default 1099 Filing

    Good morning,

    We are using Powerchurch 12 and I am trying to submit the 1099 forms electronically. I keep getting the following message, I have checked the Payee ID and it is correct, not sure what the other information is referring to.The following errors were found in the transmitted data. Please fix these and try the transmission again.

    Payer: 591207458 (Mount Carmel Baptist Church) - Either the element 'PayeeForms' is missing or out of order, or the element 'TIN' is invalid.
    TIN - This is a required field - Payee (TIN: ?, Name: Claude Bonds)
    Payer: 591207458 (Mount Carmel Baptist Church), Recipient: (Claude Bonds), Form: TypeOfTIN - Either the element 'FormW2G' is missing or out of order, or the element 'TypeOfTIN' is invalid.

    Any assistance you could provide would be most appreciated.

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    Default Re: 1099 Filing

    That's why these tax specialists constantly create such complex report forms! For many Americans, the W-2 is the main report on taxes, reflecting the majority of a person's income for the year. A person can generate several W-2 forms during a certain year, since every employer and every working state requires a W-2. And to fill it out is still a quest. I usually turn to the guys from https://www.thepaystubs.com/1099-form-generator . I tried it myself a couple of times and made a lot of mistakes. Now I trust the professionals and so far everything is fine.


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