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    Default Single light in each wing

    Iím planning on installing just a single light in each wing of their -18? Any parts info, hardware list or pictures/drawings floating around? Thanks

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    Default Re: Single light in each wing

    I read many forums. I have always had good weapons, consulted with friends and online acquaintances, and choose the most expensive. But I think, unfortunately, my ability to shoot and hit the target often fails me. I don't think you can say that a gun or a rifle is to blame. Lol. That's why I need to get used to the new weapon for a long time and train with it for a long time. I have also used the Surefire X300 for many years. I guess this is the best device I've worked with. I also have a few led lanterns from them. It's good that you don't need to learn to use them for a long time. Lol.


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