Surgery scheduled for October 7, 4 days before my 54 birthday. Too many health problems to list here, no energy to do much anymore, more body aches and pains than I care to share, intermittent depression, guilt, shame, frustration, fatigue, BUT THERE IS HOPE! and that is what I am hanging onto at this point. I sincerely prayed for help and hope at the beginning of the year, and never could have imagined that I would actually get to do this surgery.
I have a wonderful support system in place, found a great doctor, insurance is taking care of 100%, cookbooks have been bought, 64oz water bottle has been acquired, grocery shopping this evening for pre-surgery diet AND post surgery, read any and everything on the internet, (both good and bad) to prepare for this journey.

I am ready, scared, anxious, excited, hopeful, did I mention scared?