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Thread: Very frustrated

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    Default Very frustrated

    I've had my surgery about 3.5 years ago. I was at 285 lbs. After the surgery I lost 60 lbs. But by then I didn't feel that the surgery restricted what I ate, meaning I could eat anything, but not in large amounts. As for the amount I could eat, while it was limited compared to before the surgery it didn't seem to be the 4 oz of food they said I would be limited to. I have slowly gained back 35 lbs.

    Last November, my wife had the surgery as well. She has lost 70 lbs, and is still very restricted in the types of food she can eat and definitely the amount. So the surgery really seems to be helping her which I'm happy for.

    She had a different surgeon. I am wondering if there was a difference in the way the surgery was performed and if I should see him to see what my options are.

    I feel like other than surgery all I can do is diet/exercise which is what I could never do consistently in the first place. That's why I had to have the surgery before.

    Like the title says, I'm very frustrated.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Very frustrated

    Sorry for your frustration, but I commend you for the progress you have made. Everyone is different and so are our bodies things change in 3.5 years but we can always get back on track. You are past your honeymoon period where it was easy to lose weight and after that, we are encouraged to eat healthily and exercise and mind our mental health. For myself what has worked is intermittent fasting in variations, and if you are interested do your research and take a leap. God speed on your journey and never give up.


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