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Thread: Round Two

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Round Two

    I have my first consult with a new plastic surgeon tomorrow to get my failed brachioplasty redone. I am also going to have my boobs and thighs looked at since you know, what the hell. I am hoping and praying Medicaid will cover this. Based on SD guidelines I meet all their requirements for at least my arms and tatas. Legs, might be iffy. My friend got everything except her legs covered, but she is also not in a wheelchair. She will be getting her tummy and boobs done after she has the baby. She had her arms done a few months ago.

    Legs will be a long shot since I don't use them. I have also read that thigh lifts don't heal the greatest. Maybe, not moving would be my saving grace in healing process. My legs aren't horrible tucked into skinny jeans, I just hate how they are without the spandex. I would never ever go out in shorts or a bathing suit.

    I am also hoping he can shed some light on why the first brachioplasty failed. My weight has not changed up or down since surgery unless you count the same damn two pounds I fight with constantly.

    I am excited and really nervous for this appointment. Would appreciate some good thoughts for this next round and that Medicaid will cover some or all of it. Thanks!
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  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Round Two

    Hi Kristi
    Fingers crossed that everything works out for you.
    You've had such a rough time but have come through everything with such strength.
    Sending you lots of love


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