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    Default connection between sleeve surgery and ALS / motor neuron disease

    About a year ago, my brother had the sleeve surgery and started dropping weight super fast. He was doing great, but after about 6 months, he started to develop a foot drag/drop and difficulty grasping things with his right hand. He didn't think much of it, but soon after, he started falling down/tripping (hard). He fell out of the blue in the kitchen, and also in the drive way on his way to get the mail (causing a concussion). He went to his primary doctor who ran a bunch of tests. His doctor couldn't find anything out of the ordinary from the tests, so he sent my brother to a neurologist. The Neurologist ran a whole bunch more tests and still nothing. Finally, my brother was sent to a major hospital in Los Angeles because his symptoms continued to progress. After several more test and comparing results with prior tests, it was revealed that he has motor neuron disease. The type he has been diagnosed with is ALS (the worst of all the MND's). Immediately after his diagnosis, we began doing research into other possible illnesses that mimic ALS, and we found some vitamin deficiencies that cause the same symptoms. Armed with this new information, my brother headed to the Mayo clinic in Minn. to see if he had been misdiagnosed. Within the first 30 min. of his visit with the specialist, he was confirmed to have ALS without having anymore testing. I guess I am writing this in the slim chance that someone else has had this happen to them, and if there is any helpful advice as to how to find a doctor who will look into alternative options. It just seems so fishy that he was perfectly healthy before surgery, and within a year he has been given a death sentence! We have read many studies on the (small) connection between bariatric surgery and neurological disorders. If anyone knows any helpful info, we would love to hear from you...thanks so much for reading my post.

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    Default Re: connection between sleeve surgery and ALS / motor neuron disease

    Sorry to hear thanks for posting, gi and see a functional medicine doctor and get a full workup


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