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Thread: 1 year post op

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    Default 1 year post op

    Hi everyone,

    I am one year post op now and feeling so good! I had all my blood work done and everything looks perfect. I take Baricol vitamins so no vitamin deficiency at all. I am only 2 kg away from my goal which i am so happy about. I can actually wear a pair of trousers I wore 20 years ago before two kids! Everyone who sees me compliments how young I look now thanks to all the weight that has come off.
    This is the best present I have ever given to myself. I am so happy that I made the decision to go through with it. If I didnít I would have still been my old miserable self who was so depressed because of my weight. I effected my self esteem, my mood, my happiness.
    Now I LOVE to go shopping, and I just bought a UK size 8 dress.
    It hasnít been that easy though. I know everyone says its only a tool and you have to do all the work, but guess what? It is just a tool. You do have to be vigilant. You need to watch what you eat all the time. It just makes it easier for you to do it. You could easily eat the wrong kind of things and not loose enough. So I am afraid it still isnít a magic wand. All I know is with its help it is possible to reach your goal if you put all your effort.
    I lost 40kg now and i want to loose a couple more and maintain after.
    Regarding hair loss. I have lost huge amounts between 6-9 months (no bold patches though), but now its all coming back and I donít loose anymore.
    Loose skin, my legs really bother me a lot which use to be my biggest part of my body. Unfortunately with legs you cant hide them under a swimming suit so it is problematic. I think I need a thigh lift and I am considering it. The huge scars arenít really appealing.
    Anyone tried a non surgical treatment that worked/improved the appearance?
    I can eat anything I want now, nothing bothers me really. I am quite vigilant with my diet and always do low carb. I do drink a glass of bubbly which I enjoy.
    All in all best thing I have ever done for myself!

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    Default Re: 1 year post op

    Well done on your achievement. you have done brilliantly. I agree it is just a tool and need to be used wisely. Keep up the good work.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: 1 year post op


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    Default Re: 1 year post op

    Congratulations. You have definitely used the tool to it's best advantage.

    Can't help with the loose skin options. I have heaps. I look like a sharpei dog -lol- but I don't want any further surgeries so am happy to live with what I've got. It's covered up with clothes most of the time.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: 1 year post op

    I hate my legs too, but after reading about people who've had thigh lifts, I'll keep mine as they are. That particular surgery has one of the least satisfactory results of all cosmetic surgeries. I sure would like to have my belly done though. I have had my boobs done, and mostly satisfied with them.
    No pre-op diet
    Day of surgery 11/4/14: 5'4" 213lbs
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    2 months: 171
    3 months: 155
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    8 months: 125
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    11 months: 111
    1 year: 109
    1.5 years: 105
    2 years: 108
    2.5 years: 102
    3 years: 113
    4 years: 115
    5 years: 115
    6 years: 117

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