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    Default Considering private gastrc sleeve


    I have an appointment with a private consultant next week to discuss my options, I am leaning towards having the sleeve operation if I am suitable.
    My BMI is 59.9

    Can anyone advise as to what the typical waiting list is like for this procedure privately..i.e How long between consultation and then actual surgery ?
    Any experiences of the Nuffield hospital ? (UK)

    Any advice or re-assurance that this is a good option ?


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    Default Re: Considering private gastrc sleeve

    I'm in the US, so my experience was completely different than yours will be. With that said, YES, it is a great option. I had my consultation on October 29th, and surgery was on November 4th. It was insanely fast for me, and I'm thankful it was... didn't leave much time to worry, stress, and second guess myself. I will be 6 years post-op this November, and I'm still doing well keeping the weight off. Best of luck to you!
    No pre-op diet
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    Default Re: Considering private gastrc sleeve

    I'm in NZ and it was 3 weeks from initial consultation to surgery and that was so that I could do 3 weeks of pre op diet.
    Private is much faster than public.

    As for reassurance - I can only tell you my experience (I'm 3 years out) - and that is that it is the best thing that I have every done for myself. I'm half the weight I was (down over 60kg) and healthier and happier.

    Do your research and if you decide to go ahead I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

    All the best.


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