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Thread: New month :)

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    Default New month :)

    HI Just thought I would catch up with everyone to find out how they are doing.

    I am starting this new month, as if it is the beginning of my VSG journey, as I have gained 2kg and I am so mad at myself and am unhappy. Through out lock down I did manage to go running and lots of walking, but for me the only thing that actually helps me maintain my weight is going to the gym and doing weights. At long last the gyms have opened and I have already been back, doing 2 classes back to back. I still have my personal trainer and thank goodness for that. The weather in the UK has been lovely, so together with my husband and sometimes son, we go on a long hike on a Sunday, they have been about 18km in distance and difficulty depends on the route.

    Today I have restarted health eating, that means no junk food and snacking to a minimum. The snacking on junk food started with the return of my son from University and him wanting snacks and me baking like everyone else. The baking stopped pretty quickly when I found I was eating the baked goods too often, lol. I will keep him satisfied with his snacks, but I will refrain from having any. I managed over 2 years with junk food and then wham the pandemic. Anyway I am now back on track and coming here helps with my motivation.

    I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. keep in touch. xx

    PS: I have updated my ticker which had been outdated for months. at the start of lock down I was 61kg.

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    Default Re: New month :)

    Ellie, I haven't gained although am baking...I think I'm "vicarously" snacking. I have started Yoga (for seniors) as a stress reducing activity. I'm not even sure I am stressed, other than by other people being stupid about not wearing a mask out of kindness & compassion for others.

    We are still on hold since our state has a 14-day mandatory quarantine when we get up to Mum's (NY). Waiting to hit under 10% 7 day running total to be able to travel. OR we'll just suck it up and have to overlap with one of the sisters...and stay in our room.

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    Happy with my weight; happy with my size; over-the-moon with my health!

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    Default Re: New month :)

    Hi Ellie,
    Glad to see you are getting back on track. I've been snacking a little too much too. Our gyms are still closed with no sign of reopening. I have started exercising again using various videos on YouTube. Like you, I really need the consistency of the gym with the classes that I love, the instructors, the people, etc. Oh well. Let's all hang in there and continue to hold each other accountable!

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    Default Re: New month :)

    I've gained 7 lbs and just have not had it in me to care enough to get them off. My husband has been dieting, and down about 12 lbs, but I'm just sitting over here eating everything in sight while he's being a responsible eater. Maybe today is the day I'll work towards getting them off. Maybe it's not. I never know until bedtime as that's when I do alllll my eating. I'm a perfectly controlled person during the day, but bring on the night, and I'll eat everything that's in this house. We shall see.
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    Default Re: New month :)

    He, 61 km is really a lot!

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