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    Default So nervous to have the surgery!

    Hello, I have been thinking about having the surgery for years! I have my 1st appointment coming up with a local surgeon. I have always put it off because I have always been afraid. Not so much of the actual I surgery, but more of the recovery. I am so afraid of long term nausea, complications afterwards, dehydration, staple
    Line leakage..etc. I know so many people who have had the surgery and it changed their lives, but I have also read some horror stories.
    I am a severe hypochondriac with severe anxiety. I am so scared to go down this road, but also beyond tired is struggling. Would
    Love to hear from some people who have recently had the surgery.

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    Default Re: So nervous to have the surgery!

    I can not even express how surgery gave me an absolute new life. 220 to 135 in about 9 months. Maintaining for almost 7 years. Yesterday hubby and I just climbed a mountain here in CO, with 3,000 feet vertical gain! I know heavy people who have difficulty with a flight of stairs. So I guess you have to decide. How much is your health worth to you.

    I was nervous too, but excited to start losing weight. I can tell you I had ZERO complications. I never once threw up. I followed every rule, drank every ounce I was told to, etc. But some people do have complications, maybe ask your surgeon the percentage. I was willing to take the chance, as my life had gotten out of control.

    Make a list of questions for your first meeting with the surgeon. Best of luck on your decision.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: So nervous to have the surgery!

    I'm the same as Sraebaer - my life has changed dramatically since I was sleeved nearly three years ago.
    I had never had any major surgery previously so perhaps "ignorance was bliss", but I did not have any issues at all. I followed my surgeons pre op and post op instructions to a tee. I can 't really begin to describe the feelings that I had once the weight started to drop off - and has stayed off. Yes, there is some work you have to put in to maintain but the actual surgery and recovery was textbook in my case.
    Anxiety is a real struggle. I know as my partner suffers from anxiety and takes meds for it. Definitely discuss all your fears with your surgeon. If you can get your head around it all the results will only benefit your overall health.

    Good luck with your decision.


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