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    Default Re: Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaneyboy72 View Post
    I meant to say, if you go on Facebook and look for NewLeaf weight loss support. They have a forum on there. Everyone on there either has had or is going to have this surgery with Newleaf. It’s worth a look. Anything you want to know, someone in there will be able to help you with and in general it’s a right good read. Lots of peoples stories on there.
    Spot on, I'll check that out. Cheers

  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    Default Re: Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

    I had the gastric sleeve in April 2018 because I have not been able to lose weight by myself over the years. After I looked into many bariatric treatment places, I picked New Leaf in the Czech Republic because I only heard good things about them from people who have been there. The hospital in the Czech Republic was a little dated, but all the equipment was high-tech, one of the best, purchased from https://www.biomedics.com.au/resourc...tenance-guide/. The staff was fantastic from start to finish, and they were super-efficient and very friendly.

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