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Thread: staying in

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    Default staying in

    HI! I hope everyone is well and have managed to stay healthy during this difficult time around the world. I am TG healthy and fit. I am struggling though, as I normally go to the gym 6 days a week plus walk. Now I am walking everyday and doing home exercises, but they are not the same intensity as I was doing. I am now finding that what was getting really nice and toned is now flabby and I have gained 1kg. Even though I do not eat allot. I can't say that I have been as healthy as I normally am. I am definitely one of those people who needs to exercise to keep the weight off and to keep my appetite down. I know that I am a boredom eater and I am aware of what I should be doing, but under the circumstances it very difficult. i have the added stress about my parents who live in another country and are not in good health, so should anything happen to them I wouldn't be able to get to them. ( stress eater as well) I am hoping to keep on top of the weight gain and not gain anymore than the 1kg. Stay healthy everyone and PG see you on the other side.

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    Hi Elllie
    I know what you mean.
    We are managing to walk every day and I am now doing some weight training with my partner - hard to lift my arms to type today ;-).
    I miss my twice weekly yoga classes - I'm not disciplined enough to do them on my own but I have just noticed that a large gym franchise in NZ is now broadcasting classes free to all on a tv channel each morning. The one I have seen seems to be yoga based so I have downloaded it to have a go at later on. I am still supposed to be working - albeit from home - so have to do a spot of work in amongst the reading, drinking tea, laundry etc :-)
    Hang in there.

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    FYI on the weight gain, stress does release cortisol (not a myth, lol) and it causes both water & weight retention. Our bodies are looking for equilibrium.

    I am a bored eater as well, but riding my stationary bike a bit more, and tracking. Just trying not to get crazy about ups and downs of weight right now.

    We are following our states mandatory stay at home for 30 days (NC). So far so good, although a lot of people seem to think it's optional

    Since I've never thought I was immortal, I'm being careful.
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    Happy with my weight; happy with my size; over-the-moon with my health!


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