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Thread: Costa Rica

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    Default Costa Rica

    My girlfriend Julie is just about to goal since having the sleeve done over Memorial Day. She is now very dissatisfied with her “girls”. She wants to have a lift and gummy bear implants. She’s heard wonderful things about Costa Rican medical tourism and would like to try that route vs going back to Tijuana.

    Anyone on here that can give advice or know someone who can?

    She wants to schedule something for very late in March.


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    Default Re: Costa Rica

    I don't know about Costa Rican medical tourism, but I do know what multiple US board certified plastic surgeons (who specialize in post weight loss surgery) have told me. They have said to wait a MINIMUM of 6 months once your wait is stable and you are under 28 BMI. My girls have gone south too so I have empathy for your girlfriend. Personally, I would not go out of the US for surgery. Regardless, I wish her nothing but good luck and happiness.

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    Default Re: Costa Rica

    Agree about the wait. I went for a consultation right when I reached goal. I'm so glad I didn't follow through at that point because I ended up dropping 25 more pounds without trying. I would have ended up so unhappy if my brand new lift ended up saggy because of the added weight loss. I ended up waiting 3 more years until everything was good and stable. I know it's hard, but tell her patience will pay off.

    Regarding the medical tourism part, I'd do it. I didnt do it because no one in my family would let me, but i wouldn't hesitate if it were just me making the decision. My friend went to mexico. She got boob lift and augmentation, arms, flanks, tummy tuck, and butt lift for about the same as it cost me here in the US for just my boobs. And I like her boobs better!

    I hope Julie makes a decision she is happy with and wish her all the best.
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    Default Re: Costa Rica

    I've listened to two plastic surgeon presentations at bariatric support group (been going for YEARS!) and both said to be at goal weight for a minimum of a year. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Costa Rica

    No information about out of the country, but agree with the wait on your weight to be stable. Gravity etc. continues to change as your skin tightens a bit (even on the girls).

    I had reconstruction (post-mastectomy) and here are a couple of thoughts. While mine was paid for because of cancer, there are a few things I wish I had known.

    1. The maxoplexy (lift) is relatively pain-free and lasts. It's definitely a good choice.
    2. Implants do NOT stay forever -- about 10 years and you either get contracture, or they move enough to have to be replaced. Not a one time and one.
    3. Implants, although much improved, can be related to exacerbated health issues; do your research and be sure what brand you are using.
    4. Research. Research. Research. Taking an unknown into your body has risks. I am not sure, given the changes in the past few years, I would go out of country. FDA does help it to be as safe as possible.
    5. They are cold. As in, it feels a bit like you have a cold pack; this may be because with breast cancer, I have had tissue removed.
    6. The process includes temporary expanders to get a good result (to stretch skin).

    There are a lot of questions besides cost. Most reliable, well-rated plastic surgeons have financing available.

    Just a few thoughts. I know y'all will make the best decision!
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