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Thread: 1 month update

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    Default 1 month update

    Itís been one month since I had surgery and here is my experience so far.
    The day of the surgery was much more painful than I would have imagined. I had a lot of cramping.The next two days were uncomfortable and after that it was a breeze. I didnít use any of the painkillers that were prescribed for home. I only stayed one night at the hospital which was ok, but I think I would have preferred to stay two. I didnít have any gas pains, but my surgeon also told me he takes the gas out before he finishes off the operation and I also had zero nausea. So I am very lucky to have no serious complications apart from the slight heartburn for which I am taking medication for. My surgeon used a 36 bugee size.
    My doctor wanted me to do 2 days of clear liquids, 1 week of full liquids, 1 week purťed and 1 week of soft foods. Now I can eat practically anything, didnít come across anything I canít tolerate so far. I had salad yesterday and it wasnít a problem which I am so happy about as I love salads. I only try to eat protein and some non starchy vegetables. My favorite is crab meat mixed with horse radish sauce and a little spoon of olive oil. It has so much protein I think 20 grams protein for 100 ml of crab meat. Also scallops are a good choice.
    I have lots of energy during the day, itís quite surprising how my body can adopt to consuming such little calories. Yesterday I started playing tennis for the first time which was ok.
    Weight loss is quite slow , I would have preferred to loose more in the first month, but I am still great full that I had no complications and had it quite easy.
    I had my first stall at 4 days after surgery! That must be a record of some kind , I didnít loose a single gram for ten days.
    I lost 7.5 kg ( 16.5lbs) since my surgery, which doesnít seem much for the first month, but still not too bad. Plus there is nothing more I can do anyway as I am only consuming 600 calories a day and I havenít cheated at all. I eat next to no carbs , mostly protein. I have a very slow metabolism and I guess now itís even slower. I have 30kg (66lbs) more to loose.
    I have no regrets having the surgery, I wish I had the courage to do it sooner not spent the best years of my life being fat.
    I look forward to loosing more and my goal is being able to see my collar bones in the mirror☺️

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  3. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    Default Re: 1 month update

    Hello! I needed to read this...thank you. I can’t wait to start my journey also. Can’t wait to watch you transform. Please keep us updated.
    Here’s to good health!

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    Default Re: 1 month update

    Everyone's body still strives for equilibrium. The same marvel that keeps us upright also doesn't want our weight to drop too suddenly for our system, lest we die! It's quite frustrating if you are on the slow and steady course, but you are heading in the right direction.

    Keep doing what your bariatric team tells you. Post often for support. You'll be there before you know it. Even at 67, I lose quickly...and I can add on quickly as well, lol. Maintenance is easier to be successful when you've already laid your solid groundwork by following the "rules" set for a successful lifetime change with your sleeve.

    [I]HW: 240 lbs SW: 199 lbs GW: 140 lbs

    1 MO = 167.0 2 MO = 156.4 3 MO = 148.4 4 MO = 140.6
    5 M) = 136.0 6 MO = 130.0
    1 YR = 122.0 2 YR = 140.00 2.5 YR = 139
    Happy with my weight; happy with my size; over-the-moon with my health!

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    Default Re: 1 month update

    Everyone looses at different rates....and it can be soooo frustrating to hit stalls when you know that you have been doing everything right.
    Your body will sort itself out. Just stick to the program and everything will be fine.

    Collar bones are seriously underrated. I forgot that I even had any......and I really like looking at them now that I have them back ;-)


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