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    Default Re: 3 Months Since Sleeve

    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Hi guys, I am 6 weeks post VSG today and I have lost 38lbs. I haven’t seen my nutritionist yet but I am chasing it up though. I have started wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a long time because they were “tight”.. I hope to lose most and be happier and healthier. I also struggle with the slow eating and proper chewing as well. I guess it all comes naturally after so long.
    I can say after 2 years, I still have to remind myself to go slow and chew. Four kids plus a full time job kinda developed a hurry & eat (and also got used to cold food).

    I find when I use my small plates & bowls and put about half what I "think" I'm going to eat, that helps me be slower. And I can always go back and have some more if there's room!

    I do put away what I'm not going to eat, as I fix my plate. Then its a lot more trouble to get it back out. Head trickery!
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