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    Default How many calories should I be eating at six week post surgery?

    Hello all!

    My gastric sleeve was six weeks ago. Nowadays I am eating between 700 calories to 1200 a day and exercising but I am scared that this is too much and that I may start gaining weight. Is this number of calories normal for six weeks post-op?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: How many calories should I be eating at six week post surgery?

    No idea, I was never told to count calories. I was told to eat protein first, then veggies, then good carbs if room at every meal. Stop at the first feeling of fullness. Others out there probably count calories and will be able to help!

    Don't think you need to worry...

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    Default Re: How many calories should I be eating at six week post surgery?

    I have no idea what "normal"' is, but I did not reach 1000 calories until I was about 1 year out.
    I am now more than 2,5 years out and 1200 calories is my "normal".

    Can you give us an example what you are eating throughout the day?
    Like this:


    Be as specific as you can, that would give us an indication.
    Everybody is different, so we all have different ways of doing this.
    English is not my first language anymore, so I may and do make mistakes in my spelling, or say things oddly. Please ask me, if you want any clarifications.

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    Default Re: How many calories should I be eating at six week post surgery?

    What Dutchie and Sraebaer said. I still, at 2 years out, only eat about 1200 calories a day but I'm not able to be very active as some folks.
    I have protein first and try to have at least 70 grams each day. I have found using my Premier protein shake as coffee creamer (about 1/2 of each) gets in my 30 grams first thing.

    Then lean protein - fish, chicken eggs, and then healthy vegetables. After that, IF I have any room, a dense carb And on occasion, something less healthy but still within my calorie range.

    Feeling better is so much more important to me at 2 years out, and I've found being kind to me means changing my food!
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    Happy with my weight; happy with my size; over-the-moon with my health!

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