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    Default How do I get the liquids down

    I am three days post op. I have tried every clear liquid possible but can only take tiny sips and even then it feels like it is getting stuck before going into my stomach. Incisional pain is minimal. I mainly just hurt when I try to drink something. I know I have got to get some fluids down so any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: How do I get the liquids down

    This is going to be trial and error.
    Try ice cold, cold, luke warm or warm.
    Maybe one goes down easier than another.

    Water in itself is very hard to swallow after surgery.
    This has something to do with osmosis.
    Try sweet(ish) with water enhancer or savoury, like broth.

    Put a glass with your drink of choice in every room in your house, the hallway, kitchen, bedroom, living room at every place you can put a glass on.
    Take a sip from every glas you walk by, just one sip.
    By the end of the day all glasses should be relatively empty.

    Or take a large tumbler (or something like that), fill it up, put it in your hand and don't put it down anymore, just keep holding it.
    Every few minutes take a sip, just one.
    Repeat that all day long.

    Try eating sugar free ice slush.
    Frozen diluted fruit juice.
    Sugar free ice lollies.

    It really can be a struggle those first few days, but it is really important you drink enough.
    Just don't drink plain water, that probably won't go down at all.
    Even until today I still have a problem with water, I can only drink it ice cold, with ice cubes.

    Do whatever it takes.
    I hope you soon find your way to get those fluids in!
    Take care.
    English is not my first language anymore, so I may and do make mistakes in my spelling, or say things oddly. Please ask me, if you want any clarifications.

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    Default Re: How do I get the liquids down

    Oh I remember those days, this too shall pass. I can't offer any better advice than Dutchie above mentioned. Right now you're pouch is so swollen and everything is tight and tender. Every day it eases some, just try and drink tiny sips or suck on sugar free popcicles. I couldn't take large sips, but I took tiny ones all day long.

    Hang in there, you've made it through the hardest part, and good things are coming your way!

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    Default Re: How do I get the liquids down

    I could only get room temperature water down and broth was probably the easiest thing for me. Even still I was never able to get enough for the first year and landed in the hospital multiple times with dehydration along with other complications. Water is still a pain, but I can tolerate and like it ice cold now. Try your very best to sip as often as you can.
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