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Thread: Gastric bypass

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    Default Gastric bypass

    Hi all i went for my sleeve in 2016. I have terrible gerd and am going to have the gastric bypass. In terms of weight i have gained about 6kgs back since sleeve so sure i will lose from the bypass however i am very scared for the after effects of the bypass. I am a 35 femal 1.64 in height and weigh 64 kgs. Please can everyone tell me their experiences if they had the sleeve converted to the bypass and how much weight they lost and the after effects i am very very nervous.

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    Default Re: Gastric bypass

    There are others here who have done just what you are doing, for the same reason. Hope you'll get some answers!

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    Default Re: Gastric bypass

    I am sure you will lose some additional weight. I think the biggest change will be the possibility of dumping syndrome when you eat things that do not agree with you. I think overall, though, that it is going to help with the GERD so you will feel relief.


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