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    I have not had a gastric sleeve.
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    Post Post-Ops: Tell Me About Your Experience...

    Hi Everyone,
    I am interested in hearing from post-ops (6 mos or longer) about your experiences with very specific things, before and after surgery. I'm struggling with whether to have the surgery...or not. I am 5'4", 212lbs, pre-diabetic, with sleep apnea and if I could only have a little will power, I could probably lose weight. I am just not doing it. So surgery seems like an option, only...I'm not entirely sure I could comply with the diet. If I could, I wouldn't really be 211lbs, right?! So I'm looking for some hard data!

    Can you please tell me about your experience as it relates to your own personal before/after:

    How often did you eat these things before the surgery and how often (1-2x daily; 2x daily; 3+ daily or more; weekly; monthly; special occasions only; never; etc) and how often do you eat them post-surgery?

    Pizza (Before and Now)
    Soda (Before and Now)
    Fast Food (Before and Now)
    Spicy Food (Before and Now)
    Ice Cream (Before and Now)
    Cake / Candy / Sugary Stuff (Before and Now)
    Salty Snacks (Before and Now)

    Do you ever overeat post-surgery?

    Do you exercise now and did you before?

    Do you have cravings post-sugery and are you able to satisfy them?

    What is the hardest part for you, post-surgery?
    Do you have any advice for someone who just can't decide?

    Thank you for your help!

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Dr. Hidalgo
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    Default Re: Post-Ops: Tell Me About Your Experience...

    HI there. It took me three years and 2 cancellations to decide on surgery (i went the 3rd time...I'm a Mexico patient). And so I know it can be very difficult. All of those foods I ate before surgery and often times in excess. After surgery though you can't really eat any of those foods. I can eat ice cream, but I didn't go through surgery to overeat...and so I have it now but in moderation. I like a soft serve ice cream on occasion, more than I should but probably twice per month now. I did all the foods before....but after can't. Well I do still eat pizza but only a small, one or two pieces (if they are small pieces) at most. I can't do spicy food, my stomach doesn't like it. I can do chocolate, etc. so that's tough but I'm two years out, and I've lost all my weight - it took me seven months to lose 90 lbs to goal, went from 269 to 180. I can do salty snacks, but don't; I guess what I'm saying is all the bad food is possible, but the times that I was the most strict was post surgery, in those 7 months.

    Then I was very dedicated to protein only and veggies; and I stayed away from all things chocolate, ice cream, chips; but once I lost all the weight and went into maintenance I am more casual with my food. I know some are much more strict, but I weigh myself every morning and have stayed 180 lbs for 1 and 1/2 years so I must be doing something right. it takes willpower after, but at the same time, your stomach can only handle so much food....I don't do bread very often, or rice or pasta, it just doesn't sit well. So I lean towards protein and veggies; but I still take in carbs.

    So for dinner tonight, I had a small portion of sheppards pie; meat, veggies and potatoes. For lunch today, I had salami, cheese and crackers. For snack I had yogurt and granola. I also had an orange today, some cherries and some crackers. It's all in moderation, but I lean towards the proteins and don't limit the carbs (potatoes, crackers, granola).

    I never did much exercise before or after, except I walk daily (my dog) and I bowl once a week, but I never did hit the gym or start jogging to lose the weight, that's just not me. I used to be addicted to soda, I gave it up cold turkey for the surgery (diet coke) and I don't miss it at all. I do water mostly now and the odd cranberry juice (low calorie). I also drink once in awhile but I can no longer do carbonation so my drink of choice is vodka and cranberry, but I don't drink often, maybe a few drinks a few times a month.

    Yes, cravings can be satisfied, and you get full fast, so there's only a certain amount of food you can fit in. But it really is a tool, and you need to work it and have some willpower after surgery to eat healthily, it is a lifestyle change. Your life will change around food, that's for sure! And your tool helps you to get there.

    If you are on the fence, I would say it depends on what you want. I wanted to go to a regular size, go off the cholesterol medication, avoid the type 2 diabetics medication, I wanted to be a healthy weight and no longer be a 2X or size 18-20. Now I'm a large or extra large, and a size 10 - 12. I am much happier at this weight. And it was fear that was holding me back, I finally decided not to let fear decide my future and to go for it. I am very glad I did because I got the exact results that I wanted and I had 0 complications so I was very lucky! And when you look at the complications it's only 1% but do your research and go with a great surgeon. I know I went with the best surgeon in Mexico in the end so I don't regret it one bit. It's a big decision and one you should ask questions about to help you to decide.

    Oh I lost the weight I needed plenty of times before surgery, but it always came back with a vengeance and it was such a struggle. Post surgery in maintenance is the big difference. I can actually keep all the weight off that I had lost. What a gift that surgeon gave to me!!

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Dr. Wright
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    Default Re: Post-Ops: Tell Me About Your Experience...

    I overate a lot pre op. I can tell you I rarely overeat now. Yes you can still eat crap foods and eat around your sleeve but for most people overeating will lead to nausea or vomiting. I do avoid soda most of the time. I used to be an avid Diet Dr Pepper drinker but post op I tried it several months out and it was disgusting. I do occasionally have a sip of root beer or orange soda from my hubby or kids. I do not sit and drink a full soda anymore. I pretty much eat what I want but in small portions. I try to eat healthy most of the time. I exercise regularly. I liked exercise pre op but could never really lose much weight unless I worked out a lot and ate very little. And the minute I did not eat perfect I would gain it all back and then some. Only you can decide if this is right for you. It was the best decision I ever made for myself.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Post-Ops: Tell Me About Your Experience...

    Your size stats are the same as my pre-surgery stats. I will be 5 years post-op November 4th. Today I weigh 115 lbs. I got down to 102, and gained up to 117 over the 2017 summer. I've stayed around the same general general weight since.

    My schedule: breakfast - monster muscle chocolate protein energy shake, lunch - same as breakfast, dinner anything I want. Ideally I should be finished, but I turn into a monster at bedtime and eat ALL THE FOOD.

    Pizza - I'm a pizza junkie. I live for pizza. Unfortunately, pizza is one of those foods where I will gain weight... probably because I will down a whole large thin crust works pizza in a day. Whoops. I have no self control when it comes to pizza. I have it once a week or every two weeks if I'm higher on the scale.
    Soda - I never drank soda before or after.
    Fast food - I eat it at least 5 days a week. I do better with fast food because when it's gone, it's gone. When I cook, there are leftovers, and I keep going back for more.
    Spicy Food - it hates me. I have reflux since surgery, and I pay for it when I eat spicy food.
    Ice cream - I prefer custard. I love it! I'd eat more of it if it didn't make me puke every time.
    Cake, candy, sugary stuff - just call me Cookie Monster. I eat something from this group every night.
    Salty snacks - gotta have something to counter that sugary stuff, so again, I have something (chips or wheat thins with melted cheese on top) every night.
    I eat so much more since surgery than I did before. I'm ALWAYS hungry... at bedtime. I do fine all day, but bedtime is a killer.

    I do overeat. I still haven't learned. I throw up A LOT.
    I do not exercise. I'm allergic.
    I have ALL the cravings. So I eat.
    The hardest part for me is the nighttime hunger, throwing up, and reflux. I've always had a grumpy tummy though, so I'm used to throwing up. It's just part of my life.

    I'm really torn on giving advice to anyone on the fence. I something think what did I do to myself, but I also really like wearing a size zero, so... I don't know if I'd do it over again. I know for a fact I would never have allowed my daughter to do it if I had known what would happen to her. She's fully disabled now as a direct result of this surgery causing a vitaminB1 deficiency after nonstop throwing up and doctors not helping her, but hey, she's skinny

    I hope you are able to come to a decision you're comfortable with. And just know - complication can and do happen, but the vast majority of people come out completely unscathed.
    No pre-op diet
    Day of surgery 11/4/14: 5'4" 213lbs
    1 month: 187
    2 months: 171
    3 months: 155
    4 months: 148
    5 months: 142
    6 months: 136
    7 months: 131
    8 months: 125
    9 months: 120
    10 months: 114
    11 months: 111
    1 year: 109
    1.5 years: 105
    2 years: 108
    2.5 years: 102
    3 years: 113
    4 years: 115
    5 years: 115
    6 years: 117

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Post-Ops: Tell Me About Your Experience...

    I thought about it all of 5 minutes when my doctor recommended it. I was a fat mess... all from over eating... and from steroids I was on for over a year.
    I was pre diabetic for many years and in December 2017, I was at my doctor appointment and she said I needed to start Metformin (for diabetes). I said NO WAY. I was already on meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol and didn't want any more obesity related drugs. I was a thin gal until marriage and over the years I ate for comfort and punished myself. I was very unhappy.

    I began at 270 pounds, and am now 142 (142-144) and I am 5'8. I am energetic, I was OFF all the obesity meds before my surgery and I exercise at the gym 4 days a week (zumba) and walk daily, year round... even in rainy weather. And I use my treadmill also, if I don't get outside and walk (which is HOT in the summer).
    It was the BEST decision of my life and I wish I had done it 20 years ago. I am 61 but do not feel it (or look it) and I owe it all to the weight loss.

    Height: 5'8"
    Highest Weight: 270 BMI 40.3
    Day of Surgery Weight: 223 / Pre-Op nutrition diet: LOST 47 pounds
    1 Month Weight: 202 (-21 lbs.) TOTAL LOST: 64 pounds
    2 Month: Weight: 188 (-14 lbs.) TOTAL LOST: 78 pounds
    6 Month Weight: 169 (-2) BMI: 25.7 TOTAL LOST: 97 pounds
    "If you can't laugh at yourself, life's going to seem a whole lot longer."

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    Default Re: Post-Ops: Tell Me About Your Experience...

    Junk food I eat on rare occasions. When I have pizza I'll have a piece, or one taco, or whatever. Basically I eat how I was taught over 5 years ago. It works. You will be so thrilled with the new you that you will WANT to eat the right things. If you want to eat crap on a consistent basis, don't have the surgery. You will also want to start an exercise program of something you enjoy. It can be as simple as walking. Good luck! My one thing I never gave up was my one diet soda a day. It has not hindered my weight loss, but I know it's not good for me. But I don't believe it has stretched my stomach, I still have total restriction.

    This is coming from a person who was a carb junkie before surgery. If you had told me my new diet meant no protein ever, I would have been happy. But now I love eating the right things. We follow the "rule of two" and typically have a protein and veggie for dinner. 219 to 127, priceless, and I'm not going back.

    It is much easier than you think. Early on it will be impossible to overeat. Most of us aren't even hungry. So you get into the habit of eating the right things, and the weight just falls off. It was so much fun! Now over 5 years later I could eat all the crap I want, but I don't want to. I don't want to go back to being fat. It wasn't fun.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Post-Ops: Tell Me About Your Experience...

    Pizza (Before and Now) OH easily 1/2 a pizza at a time with the works, before. Now, 1 slice of thin crust with veggies, maybe once a onth.
    Soda (Before and Now) Never before, never now
    Fast Food (Before and Now) If we travel - I like a bunless burger with all the grease patted off, or chicken breast, or small salad now. Never a big fan
    Spicy Food (Before and Now) SAME & SAME (although now I cannot tolerate lemon, but lime is ok)
    Ice Cream (Before and Now) NEVER liked icecream
    Cake / Candy / Sugary Stuff (Before and Now) Not really, before or now I do have a cookie (homemade) now and then but get "sugar dump"
    Salty Snacks (Before and Now) loved nachos before - now airpopped popcorn, homemade chips (a few) with salsa and low fat cheese, dry roasted nuts

    Do you ever overeat post-surgery? Before, only if I was awake,lol. After -- self limiting - I get a "cue" when full (although never really hungry).
    Do you exercise now and did you before? Before, yes. Now - mostly walking but that's more to do with inertia. I need to literally step it up. And Ann2, sraebaer and many others really are helpful examples.

    Do you have cravings post-surgery and are you able to satisfy them? No, no real cravings, but I do get a notion about something I want -- not the same as prior.

    What is the hardest part for you, post-surgery? Not really anything. I followed the instructions, and I track (works for me).
    Do you have any advice for someone who just can't decide? NO. Highly individual -- your experience, your health, your age, your body image, your (complicated?) relationship with food.

    Thank you for your help!
    [I]HW: 240 lbs SW: 199 lbs GW: 140 lbs

    1 MO = 167.0 2 MO = 156.4 3 MO = 148.4 4 MO = 140.6
    5 M) = 136.0 6 MO = 130.0
    1 YR = 122.0 2 YR = 140.00 2.5 YR = 139
    Happy with my weight; happy with my size; over-the-moon with my health!


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