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Thread: New House Pics

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    Default Re: New House Pics

    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieG View Post
    Oh Christie, how open, sunny and lovely! We've helped 3 friends, and my daughter & son-in-law move, and I am seriously dedicated to "aging in place" even though our house is too big when its just us and the dogs. (When kids are home with their kids, no house is big enough!) I would love to minimize our things, but himself is an accumulator who laterally strews his stuff, while I am quite OCD (as predictably are 3 of 4 of my adult kids).

    Our home looks more like Irish grandma who came over than your beautiful open spaces! Thank you for sharing! I know its been quite a year for you.
    Thanks Annie! I love this house. We could have done a smaller house as my 2 step kids are only here for 1-2 nights a week and my daughter will probably move out next year. (Well maybe not as she is very attached and well we are Italian. LOL) I am trying to keep it pretty open. I had a lot of stuff in our old house bc it was smaller. I feel like the less cluttered feel is really soothing. My hubby was thinking the house was too big and that at our age we would not be upsizing but downsizing but like you I anticipate lots of family times with my kids and their future families. I don't blame you for aging in place. Hugs.

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    Default Re: New House Pics

    Thank you very much. You have completely answered all my questions. I am very grateful to you for this, as I have been searching for answers to my questions for a very long time until I came across your post.


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