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Thread: Update

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    Default Update


    Didnít mean to fall off the board again. Between work and therapy life is busy!

    Had to chop my hair off on Tuesday. 11 plus inches gone. I miss it. Weíve cut it 3-4 times since like March so Iíve lost a lot of length. Itís still at my neck. Too thin for a cute bob like I want. I have a lot of new growth and just ordered Hair Jazz. Also, looking at wigs. I have clip in pony tails that I hope will still work and hair extensions that I hope I can clip in myself.

    I get fitted for a new chair on Tuesday - Iím too small for mine and this whole thigh gap thing is totally overrated as my phone doesnít want to stay between my legs anymore. LMAO!! #skinnygirlproblems I am excited for a new chair, but not one company has turquoise! My wheelchair guy said donít worry about color - we can fix that later. I sure hope so! I also hope itís not too big when we get it as I still have about 15 lb to go. I donít k ow how much that will change me too much.

    Saw my neurosurgeon and she is happy with me. Still keeping me pretty restricted. She said I might have neuropathy for the rest of my life. The fluid is going down, but really slowly! :-(

    Weight is going down. Almost to the 150s!!! I fear a gain this week since I lost so much last week. 5.4 pounds.

    I donít want to scare anyone, but have been battling a cold for over two weeks. I see ID on Monday for a follow up after seeing my neurosurgeon. Iím wheezing and coughing up junk and have gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex. Coughing up a storm too. I hope it is not pneumonia or bronchitis. If itís not cleared up by Monday Iím sure he will order tests. I also have a UTI with no symptoms other than protein in my urine. My lupus doc is faxing those test results to ID and see how he wants to handle it. I feel great so Iím not too worried. Iím a little run down at times ó- usually on days where I donít get a break from coughing. Cough syrup doesnít help. Ugh.

    Hope all is well my lovelies!!

    Peace out !
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    Default Re: Update

    Hi there Kristi!
    It is great to hear from you!
    Great NSV, not being able to hold your phone between your thighs! LOL
    I have not heard that one yet...
    Be careful with the bronchitis/pneumonia thing, that is not good...
    But I am so happy for you with the baby steps in the right direction!
    Keep that up.
    English is not my first language anymore, so I may and do make mistakes in my spelling, or say things oddly. Please ask me, if you want any clarifications.

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    Default Re: Update


    Your positive attitude shines through and that’s such a blessing.

    I love your new ‘do! It’s very flattering. I know what you mean by missing the length you cut off. It took me all this time to grow mine back. I threaten my hairdresser if she tries to trim more than 1/4 inch LOL

    Turquoise sounds beautiful for your new chair. I’d be adding some bling!

    Sending All Good Thoughts and Prayers for clearing up the coughing and a speedy recovery ;-)

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    Default Re: Update

    Hi Kristi

    So glad that are able to update us. I think your hair looks cute shorter :-)

    It's Winter here and there are so many colds going around it's crazy. People are coughing all over the place. They seem to hang around too - the colds not the people!

    I hope that you are feeling better soon and that your progress continues.


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    Default Re: Update

    Kristi - so happy to 'see' you again! It is always such a blast reading your posts, your positive energy really does resonate from the screen. It encourages me so much. Thank you. I had to LMAO at the 'thigh gap', so over rated! You look sensational.

    Sending you best wishes and cyber hugs!

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    Default Re: Update

    Kristi you look beautiful. Sorry to hear about the icky bug lingering but hopefully it will go away soon. Glad to see you around. I had a long hiatus from the site due to our move and all sorts of other craziness going on.


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