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    I have not had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Hello everyone😀

    Hello to all. I just recently made the decision to have weight loss surgery after years of goin back and forth. I'm excited and a lil nervous but I am happy with the decision I ve made. Anyhow my insurance requires 6 consecutive months of seeing my weight loss surgeon prior to approval. I'm about 3months into it now. So not exactly a race. Anyways just wanted to hear from others who are having or have already had surgery. What are you doing now to lose weight pre surgery and how are you doing post surgery? Any info would be greatly appreciated. My family is very supportive and I love them for it but I want to from ppl who are going thru the same thing. Thank ya all and God bless

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    Default Re: Hello everyone😀

    Read posts here, you'll learn a lot. I was self pay so didn't have to lose any weight before surgery. After surgery you get a "bible" of exactly what to do, so no worries then about what you should eat, what vitamins to take, etc. Here's my schedule if you're interested in reading it. Started with liquids and worked my way up to all foods in a 6 week time frame.


    Keep a positive attitude and it will be so much fun!

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Hello everyone😀

    Hi and welcome.

    There is a wealth of information on these pages. Have a read, use the search function and ask any questions that you may have.

    I was self pay so only had 3 weeks of Optifast before surgery. Post surgery was straight forward and pretty easy.

    Follow your surgeons instructions and all will be good.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Hello everyone😀


    You’ve come to the best site for information, encouragement and support. We’re happy to answer any/all questions you may have. We also have a lot of fun!

    I read everything I could here and watched YouTube videos.

    Best of luck as you embark on this amazing journey ;-)

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Dr. Burpee (that's right)
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    Default Re: Hello everyone😀

    Welcome Starryeyes!
    I had my sleeve surgery two weeks ago today and it went very well for me. I had to have six months of medically supervised weight loss supervision to meet my insurance requirements. I had one definite co-morbidity (and possibly 4 others depending on what the insurance company was going to consider a co-morbidity). That said, I wanted to lose some weight, but not too much. I didn't want to get under a 35 BMI in case insurance didn't count my additional co-morbidities. If I was under 35 I would have to have multiple. Make sense?
    I use an app called Lose It which makes it very easy to track everything I eat, water, exercise, BP etc. I tried to keep my calories around 1000-1200. I've always been active, but I stepped it up just a little. Golf twice a week, swim a couple times a week, and treadmill at 3-4.5 mph for an hour+ three or four times a week. After the six months of "supervised" weight loss, psych clearance, cardio clearance and an EGD I got my insurance approval.
    Once approved and the date was set I was on a two week pre-op diet. Your surgeon will have their own plan and requirements. Ask questions so you know what to expect. Also, you might want to try various types of protein drinks now to get a feel for what you like. You'll be drinking a LOT of them.
    Surgery went very well although there was a hiatal hernia to repair that for some reason was not discovered during the EGD. I was in the hospital overnight and released about noon the next day. I was uncomfortable, but the pain was bearable and managed with Tylenol. I didn't need any narcotic pain killers. I expected my stomach to hurt, but it was my back and shoulders that really bothered me. I stayed with family the next three nights after getting out of the hospital. I was very tired and slept a lot.
    Felt pretty tired the entire first week, but within a couple of days managed to get back to drinking 64 oz of water and getting down two protein drinks daily. Now I'm two weeks out and feeling darned good. I'm back to an hour on the treadmill at 3mph and I got cleared to start swimming again yesterday. I'm holding off on the golf a bit as my abdomen is still a little tight and my post op diet (for the last two weeks) consists of two protein drinks. It's very hot here in AZ right now and I don't want to be collapsing on the golf course. Tomorrow start my "phase 2" diet of two protein drinks and a meal of soft protein like cottage cheese, Greek Yogurt, beans or fish.
    So.....read lots of posts on this site, get all the information that you can for your surgeon and ask questions. You'll be great!

  8. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents


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