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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Thumbs down Anyone still throwing up??

    Iím getting close to 3 months post op. I struggled a lot when I got to soft and solid foods. Itís hard to learn how much you can eat and I think I always over did it by like 1-2 bites. It would get stuck or just sit there so it would have to come up. Iíve moved passed that. But this week Iíve thrown up twice. This last meal 100% came up. It was real throw up not just stuck food. I know I didnít eat too much or too fast and Iím not sick. Iím never hungry. I have to make myself eat. Iím not sure if it new food sensitivities??

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    Very sorry you're having this problem.

    This isn't very helpful, but just feedback: I've NEVER thrown up since WLS. Not even once. And I'm 4.5 years out. But then I very seldom threw up pre-surgery. I mention it only so everyone who's considering surgery doesn't think this is a universal issue.

    I do know that's a problem early on post-op for some and, as you indicate, probably a function of eating a little too much. Perhaps (???) also a function of eating a little too rapidly?

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    I am sorry you're going through this. Throwing up is no fun!

    I am also about 3 months post op. While I haven't thrown up in awhile (first 3 days post op was the only time) I have gotten really close. For me, its the speed in which I eat. Faster I eat, the closer I get to almost throwing it all back up. For the most part, what has worked for me is make sure what ever I am eating is no more that 5 oz. Cut it up super tiny. (It its the size of an almond or smaller its generally a good size) chew, chew, chew till its paste in my mouth, and take at least 3 to 5 min between each fork full.

    This is the most focused eating I have ever done but I have had good results.

    Good luck to you.

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    Just some questions: how long does it take you to eat a average meal?
    How far apart are your bites?
    How tall are your bites?

    Your bites should be the size of your thumbnail.
    You put it in your mouth, put your spoon or fork down and start to chew, at least 20 to 30 times.
    Then you swallow the bite.
    You wait at least for 30 seconds to figure out if everything is still alright, listen to your stomach.
    After that 30 seconds (sometimes even a minute or longer) you pick up your spoon or fork and repeat.
    A meal should take you at least 20- 30 minutes.
    I had my timer on the table to make sure I didn't eat too fast.

    By now you also should have figured out what your "full signal" is.
    That could be anything from a burp to a cough, to sighing, yawning, runny nose, watery eyes.
    When you notice your full signal, stop eating.
    Not one bite more.
    Your full signal and the way you eat your meals are the most important things to learn right now.

    Good luck!
    English is not my first language anymore, so I may and do make mistakes in my spelling, or say things oddly. Please ask me, if you want any clarifications.

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    I second what DutchSleeve said. As you know, our surgery dates are 1 week apart. I still measure my food. If it is chunky food, I measure 1/4 cup so that when I chew it, it has room to expand. If it is soup, I do 1/2 cup. I still end up eating a couple bites less than what I dished out and I chew 30 times or more for each bite. Honestly, I chew til I get bored at the table. Even putting small bites in my mouth, I chew it and swallow only half of it at a time. It just helps keep me remembering not to inhale my food. I have never thrown up. I have had nausea but that's it. My mom has a friend that eats her heart out and throws up every meal she eats for the last 14 years. I know that there are some foods that my stomach just doesn't like. I just toss it and try something different. It is definitely a learning experience, that's for sure! Good luck girl! Praying for it to subside!

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    I have never thrown up either, not once in over 5 years. Don't know why it happens to some but not others. Not to say I didn't feel really uncomfortable if I ate just one bite too much.

    I'm really no one to give advice, but maybe really tiny bites throughout the day? If that doesn't help I'd call your surgeon, maybe anti-nausea meds?

    Hope it gets better!

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    I rarely threw up. BUT...I found myself throwing up a while after taking my multivitamin. I thought I was sick but realized that my multivitamin was actually making me sick. I finally changed to a gummy one (I know a lot of people will say not to take those but those are the only ones that do not make me sick) and didn't throw up any more. A few times when I overate I did have the foamy toad froth throw up but never serious puking except with the multivitamin. Is there something you are doing differently now?

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    I was vomiting non stop for 3 days post-op (anesthesia side effect, was expected) but after that, during the past 3 years I didn't have that many issues with vomiting per say, but was nauseous for 18 months. I'm the "vomiting for any reason" type, the surgeon knew the surgery could do that to me, because the stomach does produce hormones. For ex I was sick nine month when pregnant...for each baby! and since I was that sick when pregnant, he was expecting a strong reaction. He was right. But it got better with time.

    Anyway, like Christie, I was sick with vitamins on an empty stomach a few times, also eating a bite of meat with a sauce containing alcohol (didn't know it was in a restaurant) made me sick in less than ten secondes, had twice the stomach flue (was a virus, others had it too), and got really sick for months with cruciferous veggies. A bite would make me nauseous and give me stomach cramps. Still today it can make me sick, but it got better with time (not broccoli, still a big no no).

    For at least 18 months I was always making sure not to eat more than 1/2 cup. Also drink 30 mns before or after a meal, not during.

    But if you can't identify why you get sick often, it would be better to see your surgeon or a doctor to exclude possible stricture.

    Good luck and take care.

    PS : just remembered, one of my doc was telling me last week that gallbladder issues could make you vomit often, but also strong acid reflux (are you taking a PPI?).

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    I have vomited a couple of times. In the early days due to eating too fast but the other times I think it was food that I can no longer tolerate. Fresh salmon (which I love but have tried it 3 times now and had the same result!) and just last week battered fish. Yes, I know I shouldn't have been having the battered fish but we were on holiday and our friends wanted to go to a famous fish restaurant and the only option was battered! I thought I would be ok but as soon as I had eaten it I knew that it wasn't going to be good. Not sure if it was because it was deep fried, the batter, or a combination of both. Anyway, lesson learned I won't be having that again.
    Other than that just a couple of episodes of "toad froth" again from eating too fast to too much.
    I found out early on that vitamins on an empty stomach make me nauseous too.

    I hope that things improve for you soon. It could just be a case of slowing down, and reintroducing foods gradually again.

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    Default Re: Anyone still throwing up??

    How are you doing now? I also have that food "Getting Stuck" feeling and throw up about 50% of what I eat. I'm 2 years out.


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