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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default 2.5 years out and I feel like I am going backwards

    I never wanted to be the person who lost weight just to gain it all back. It is time for me to refocus.

    I know I can do it but my life has changed.

    I am now living away from home training for a job that will have me traveling 100% of the time. In and out of the US.

    I know I can do this and will start right away. It is hard to eat right living in hotels but I can do better.

    Tomorrow I will start my day by going for a walk very early and I will make sure I stay active all day.

    I started eating sweets again and that is my downfall. When I experienced the dumping syndrome It was easy to say no to sugar. Once I realized I could eat sweets and not get sick I started to eat more.

    I have to stop and think before I pick up the things I know I do not need.

    I guess I feel a little down because I was doing so well.

    I am done with the excuses and beginning in the morning, I will take the steps needed to get back on track. I did not go through years or preparation and later weight loss just to end up where I started.

    any tips on getting back on track?

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: 2.5 years out and I feel like I am going backwards

    No worries! past two years out, your sleeve does get a little bigger and you can eat more. Stats show that's when people start to regain weight.
    But since you know it, you can avoid issues by sticking to simple rules : stick to peotein first, then veggies. If you are hungry, eat as much veggies as you want after your protein!
    Drink enough water, a little exercise and you will be back on track!

    Truth is many of us have a sweet tooth. My issue was chocolate. When I could see it was not going right, the easiest for me was to go cold turkey, no more chocolate! if I don't buy it, it's not around, can't have it!

    I was traveling also a lot for those two years post sleeve. I usually could find protein/veggies everywhere, but always had a few bags of almonds or protein bars (but don't like those, too much carbs) in my bag so in case I was really without option (for ex in planes), I still had something to eat.

    When living in hotels I always made sure I had a fridge in the room or even better a kitchen, and always found some kind of grocery store or market around to get my food, when that worked I didn't eat in restaurants unless it was a luncheon or work dinner. I would buy ham, cheese, cut veggies and/or salads and eat that during my stay. It was better for me and I was saving money too...

    Just breeze, don't stress, and try to stay focus and make plans. If you are prepared you won't eat the wrong food.

    Take care

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    Default Re: 2.5 years out and I feel like I am going backwards

    I think if you dig out your old materials and follow what you learned way back then, you'll be fine. Typically hotel breakfasts have eggs and fruit. For dinner you can order something healthy like salmon and veggies. Often ahi tuna is on the menu, that's my favorite! Lunch on the road is my difficult one, last time I ordered a chicken breast sandwich and just ate the chicken.

    All the QTs (our fancy gas stations) have cut up fruit and veggies in plastic containers. So do grocery stores, as I realize you can't prep veggies in a hotel room!

    Protein bars can save the day sometimes when you can't find any real food.

    If you stop the sweets you won't miss them. Promise.

    Good luck. It definitely is more difficult than being at home but you can do it!

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    Default Re: 2.5 years out and I feel like I am going backwards

    You already got some very good advice!
    I am always on the road, being a fulltime RV'er, and I know it can be challenging sometimes.
    Does your travelling involve car rides?
    Can you maybe purchase one of those cool boxes, that you can plug in your cigarette lighter?
    That would be great for taking protein things with you on the road.
    Lunch could be a picknick at a nice place or maybe just sitting in your car on the passengers site, to make it a little different from eating behind the wheel.

    What I also love, love, love are the bento boxes from Egg Face.
    Lots of ideas for taking food with you.
    When you have everything prepared and ready to eat, it will be a lot easier to stay on track.
    Planning and prepping is what saves me from falling of the wagon.
    Wel, at least less often.

    You will do fine!
    Make it interesting and fun!
    English is not my first language anymore, so I may and do make mistakes in my spelling, or say things oddly. Please ask me, if you want any clarifications.

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    Default Re: 2.5 years out and I feel like I am going backwards

    My husband and I spend half the year on the road and yes it can be challenging. Last year’s trip was RVing, this year’s is H-D’s and hotels. A daily trip to the store for healthy foods is a must.

    Mindfulness and Vigilance is my mantra ;-)

    Going “Back to Basics” helps keep me healthy and happy.

    You’ve got this! We’re here to cheer you on!

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    Default Re: 2.5 years out and I feel like I am going backwards

    Hi Viv, You mentioned you use to have dumping syndrome when eating sugar and now you can consume sugar with no problem. Did you previously have the bypass?
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