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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Intermittent fasting... yay or nay??

    Ive decided im going to change things up and try intermittent fasting... Ive been reading up on it alot and im going to start on the 16/8 plan so ill eat protien n veg between 8 and 4 for the 1st couple weeks and then maybe ill change it up to 18/6 and eventually the warrior plan which 20/4.... Maybe this along with my regular work outs will get the scales moving more for me again they say its good for burning fat and keeping muscle as ive been losing the last few weigh ins but its still fluctuating a bit.... Any thaughts on it?

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    Default Re: Intermittent fasting... yay or nay??

    My dietitian also mentioned intermittent fasting.
    It seems to be the new "thing".
    You do what you think is best for you!
    If it works for you, it is good.
    It may work, or not.

    I haven't done it (yet), but I hear of people with good results.
    I am not much of a help, sorry...
    English is not my first language, so I may and do make mistakes in my spelling, or say things oddly. Please ask me, if you want any clarifications.

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    Default Re: Intermittent fasting... yay or nay??

    I’m not much help as I’ve had no experience with intermittent fasting.

    That said...
    What’s the worst thing that can happen? If it doesn’t work out, change it.

    As long as whatever I’m doing doesn’t hurt me nutritionally and I’ve gotten the go ahead from my Dr, I’d go ahead.

    Please keep us updated ;-)

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Intermittent fasting... yay or nay??

    Just the new diet trend! Probably no proof it works. But I can say I never eat between dinner and breakfast, so maybe that's fasting!!

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    Default Re: Intermittent fasting... yay or nay??

    It was just after I got my surgery in 2016 that I first heard about IF. I was reading the really interesting book from dr Fung : The obesity code, thinking too bad I didn't see that before my surgery. His ideas are actually based on science and studies, some studies are old but all make sens. His results (his practice is in Toronto) seem amazing.

    Anyway, it works mostly first for people with diabetes, eating low carb high fat and fasting. His goal was to "cure" diabetes. He had great success with people stopping their meds ec
    In his last book it's about longevity....

    In a society where snacking is all day, and even at nut school you learn about "healthy snacks" when actually science tells you eating all day is not good, I do think "fasting" can have huge benefice for many. Eating every two hours can not be good for anyone except the companies who sell the snacks...

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    Default Re: Intermittent fasting... yay or nay??

    Please check your primary care physician before making any changes.
    Weight loss is a good thing, but overall health can affect what you do to accomplish it.

    Some conditions, which you and your doctor should review, may make any kind of fasting that causes ketosis to throw off your entire endocrine system.
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